The Mansion

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Dynasty Villas B18, No.851 Hong Jing Rd. near Hong Qiao Rd. 上海市长宁区虹井路851号皇朝别墅B18
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welcome to our free hostel and new world party

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The Mansion is a new venue/hub for musicians, artists and creative people alike.
The Mansion features a club in the basement which during the day will serve as a DJ training facility, VJ and visual mapping training and more.
At weekend Nights it transforms into a club which will serve as a platform for upcoming artists, collaborate with local creative crews and event companies, bring top local DJs and international artists.
The back yard features a beach, swimming ( Skate) pool, tiki bar, tree house, stage, projector and UFO. The UFO is a DJ booth in the house that comes out the wall to the back yard. The control panel is the DJ booth for DJ’s to spin to the back yard. Also, the sets will be recorded, played as live podcasts and shared with different radio stations throughout China.
Behind the DJ booth is a studio is a producing studio which will be a place for people to learn how to produce and will be the home studio for the developing record label. The record label will be a platform for the electronic movement in China. Finding the best and most passionate people and giving them a chance to showcase their talents. The record label will consist of agents, bookers, mangers, designers, marketing and production teams giving the artists the resources to play all around the world.
The Mansion is also leading a production team organizing music festivals and other big productions. Head organizers of the first Electronic Midi Festival featuring three different stages. Each stage portraying its own feeling with different genres and atmospheres. Traditional stage, bass stage and Hip-hop stage. With top DJs, MCs, Visual Mapping, break dancers, skateboarding and a full music festival experience. The production team will be organizing many festivals throughout China next year.
On the third floor, the Mansion has 22 bunk beds with jacuzzi shower room. we offer beds to party people for free, we also offer travelers free beds in return we ask for few hours work during the weekend parties.
the mansion has indoor and our door rooftop as well.
First floor is a restaurant with a big kitchen, people who lives here also can cook by themselves.
Sure the Mansion has washing machine, free wifi and TV conner.
The Mansion is full of inspiration, creation, passion and love!!!