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The Geisha

Address :
No.390 Shaanxi Road (South) 陕西南路390号
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Tags :
Restaurant | Japanese | Late Night Dining | Outdoor Seating | Cocktails | Dancefloor | Local Favorite | Ladies Night | Hip Hop | Impress Guests | After Work | Lounge | Outdoor Bar | Club | Seafood | Restaurant
Opening Hrs :
5pm - late

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THE Geisha takes a play on a modern upscale West Coast influenced Japanese Restaurant, Sushi Bar and Sake Lounge, but at the same time does not hide away from the rich sensual spirit of Japanese history.
Situated in a beautiful three-storey complex on the corner of Shaanxi Rd and Fuxing Rd, in the heart of the French Concession, it embraces the Japanese style fine dining experience with a very unique twist, and a surreal high-class brothel atmosphere added to the mix.
THE Geisha commences a new outlook on Japanese dining: using traditional methods of Japanese food making, yet bringing in all the electric flavors of the West Coast of America, all immaculately presented and served. THE Geisha Drink menu will complement these choices with both Western and Asian classics remade, mixed in Japanese style with each ingredient carefully added to create a masterpiece!
The ground floor Lobby, with a glass-enclosed entrance welcomes you to the magic of THE Geisha: The Restaurant situated on the 1st floor, with around 50 seats capacity, boasts a top of the arts open kitchen, showing off our skillful Japanese and Western trained chefs while they prepare delicacies of your choice!
Second floor design features a Vegas style boutique club with a central bar, lush velvets and silks, with private and intimate booths and a large dance floor. Come nightfall, the tempo of the club increases and our entertainment performances commence: DJ, Live Art, and soulful Sax and Violin performances. The experience is completed with the 2 Geisha bathing performances on each side of the DJ booth!
The third floor is a hidden gem: a swanky Sushi bar and Sake lounge offers a chill-out spot before, during or after the party in the club, as well as late-night dining for two, and the beautiful roof terrace, with cherry blossom trees as its central fixture is sure to be many people’s favorite.
Throughout THE Geisha, we want to tackle all your senses – our delicious food, drinks and service will be appreciated by any gourmet lover, and our luxe designed club, with carefully picked music and performances will be every socialite’s place to be seen. Finally, our customized in-house scent will be sure to capture you in THE Geisha’s sensual atmosphere!

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Mad hatter smaller

MAD (Making A Difference) said on Wednesday September 26 11:20 am

MAD this Fri 28th @ Geisha!!! Can't WAIT!