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Figaro Coffee ---CLOSED!!!---

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SIN Lounge ---CLOSED!!---

Address :
211 Shimen Yi Lu, near Weihai Lu 石门一路211号, 旺旺大厦23楼
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021 6267 7779
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On December 5, 2008, Shanghai unveils another concept of all-day lounging. A concept centered in Adam and Eve, who took a bite of the fatal apple which has brought mankind the tendency to sin. Call it Sin Lounge, it is the newest addition to Shanghai’s lists of laudable venues. Hong Kong owners Michelle Sit and Johnny Wong, the brains behind the long-running Moroccan-style Kasbah — Barbarossa Lounge, once again created an ingenious idea that takes Shanghai nightlife to the next level.

Get ready to be dazzled with its innovative design. From the entrance, walk through the red aisle carpet over marbled flooring and let the illuminating 22-meter silver-colored walls, which symbolize the serpent’s seductiveness, lure you to a taste of temptation, opulence and decadence. Inside, the sight of the big apple welcomes you to the two-floor 500-capacity lounge. The first floor is a spacious U-shape interior which occupies two bar counters, two DJ booths, lounge sofas and VIP areas. On the second floor, private sofa lounges with a balcony provides those who are looking for intimate gatherings. Here, laze around the plush seats in shades of tangerine, blue, mint green and red, designed with elegant patterns, as it provides a homelike atmosphere with a contemporary flair.

Aside from the ultra-glamorous design, guests can take pleasure in the extensive drink menu. It offers tasty concoctions, premium spirits and quality Champagnes. On the decks, international resident DJs Philippe Ortega and Wassili, together with live band performers, play the best of jazz, lounge and deep house music for SIN lounge & Restaurant and pumping techhouse & electroclash for Sin Club . When feeling hungry, the team of chefs has prepared delicious bar food to satiate the hungry appetite. Rests assure the drinks, music and food will delight the senses. So dust off those party shoes and come out of party-retirement. It’s time to get sin; after all, Sin Lounge is the new playground.

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