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21 Dong Ping Rd (at Heng Shang Rd) 东平路21号 近衡山路
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After Hour | Small Club | Outdoor Bar | Local Favorite (Nightlife) | Cheap Drinks | Dancefloor | Local Favorite | Small Club | Pool/Billard
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NOT ME is a new venue located in the French Concession aimed to give party goers a new option from the usual hang-outs.

Unlike other venue’s in Shanghai, NOT ME will have a strong focus on consistently promoting and partying with the freshest and most cutting edge indie and indie electro music in Shanghai.

With a real dancefloor, projectors, cheap drinks, out door area and collaborations with some of Shanghai’s top promoters, designers and artists…it finally gives Shanghai a new place to stumble out with your friends at ungodly hours.

NOT ME is open Monday – Saturday with drink specials during the week, check out our calendar and parties section for more info about what’s coming up.

Hengshan Rd, 7 mins. walk

Not Me是一个位于上海法租界与法册道契的新地点,目的是给好玩者一个新的选择。
这个地方跟上海其他地方的不同点就是他很强烈不停地宣传还有不停地用最新的indie和indie electro 音乐派对。
Not Me有真正的投影机,便宜的饮料,和外面的范围给客人享用。它是被数一数二的设计师和艺术家设计的,让您跟您的朋友们有难忘的经验!

Not Me 是从星期一开到星期六,每天还有不一样的特价酒。想再看的深入一点,请查看




Guest Girl said on Sunday August 29 04:10 am

Cheap and shabby place, governed & promoted by two young lazy boys! To my opinion, the place will be closed very soon as it has no any idea inside! Just for young, uneducated public!

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Marc N said on Sunday November 07 01:13 pm

Not Me is a wonderful little place. Greatto chill or get your feet moving with some Techno, Tech House and House. Staff is friendly and so are the two owners. Drinks are good. Very enjoyable.