JZ Club

Since it opened in 2004, Jz Club has been the most famous and highly respected jazz club in Shanghai. Jz Club has a smoky, jazzy atmosphere with re...


Longitude Lounge

Now open in the heart of the French Concession… At Longitude you can enjoy a unique lounge experience in an opulent yet relaxed environment whil...



We're the Mexican bar/cantina/restaurant/soaking spot in Shanghai that everyone knows about! It's a place for mexican food, crazy parties, free teq...

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Address :
46 Yueyang Lu, near Dongping Lu 岳阳路46号,近东平路
Email :
Website :
Phone :
021-64667662 / 18321691334
Tags :
Lounge | Cocktails | Outdoor Seating | After Hours | Dancefloor | Bar
Opening Hrs :
Wednesday to Saturday from 10pm till late

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Just like the real Hollywood in Southern California,Hollywood Club attracts international superstars and has a steep cover charge for those lucky enough to get in. Despite the club’s abundance of VIP areas, Shanghai’s beautiful young crop of visitors and locals mingle on the dance floors at this hippest club.Open till late!

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Dj Verse@ille said on Thursday September 02 02:06 pm

Playing my 100th gig this year so far @ Mao tomorrow, 3rd Sept from 10pm-3am 100RMB OPEN bar Intern@tional Local Flavor, GLOBAL Flair