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For people who know coffee... --- 一个咖啡喜爱者的地方...


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Departure 10 Ultra Lounge (D10)

Address :
158 Julu Road Near Chengdu road inside Datong Mill 巨鹿路158号5159室 ( 巨鹿路上,在成都路和瑞金路中间 大同坊 地下商城)
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Phone :
Day Time : 021- 63865159 Evening : 021 -53865159
Tags :
Lounge | Cocktails | Dancefloor | Ladies Night
Opening Hrs :
Mon - Thur 7pm to 3am Fri - Sat 7pm to 5am

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With a high-class flare, Departure 10 Ultra Lounge is the premier experience to flying while on ground. Through the vision of pioneering entrepreneurs collectively known as The Departure Group, this airplane-influenced ultra lounge will cater to both professionals and party-goers expecting great service, style, and a cool vibe in a distinctive atmosphere. Simply stated, D10 Ultra Lounge commands the multi-sensory attention of those passing through its doors.

Centrally located inside of the new Da Tong Mill development, you will enter through an airplane terminal, welcoming you to the main entrance and welcome/check-in area for boarding. A (length) foot long airplane structure will leave much to the imagination, because what you will see on the inside is still a mystery. Be ready to unbuckle your seatbelts for a great time as you are surrounded by an ambiance suited for the ultimate flying experience. The interior of the plane promotes 3 main sections: First Class (VIP), Business Class, and Economy Class.

The First Class section (also known as VIP) features an elevated and spacious area that separates patrons, but still allows you to take part in all of the action throughout the plane. With private seating and bottle service, our premium VIP services appeal to a chic and sophisticated clientele, and our professional staff (flight attendants) are committed to providing five-star service. The Business Class section features comfortable sofa and table seating, also giving you a high-class feel, but brings you closer to other areas with-in the airplane, creating a comfortable medium.

Our general party section, also known as Economy Class, includes the bar area, which boast some creative airplane pieces, such as our “displayed engines”, which adds to D10’s theme, also containing our Economy table seating, a main dance floor area, and one of the most anticipated areas of D10, “The Cockpit”. “The Cockpit” is our customized DJ booth, and sound area, which resembles a true airplane cockpit, with a fun and captivating design that will draw patrons to one of the most important functions of D10’s “in-flight” functioning, THE MUSIC. Patrons will be entertained by the captain of the plane, the DJ, stationed in the elevated cockpit at the front of the place.

D10 Ultra Lounge houses a state-of-the-art Sennheiser sound system spinning an eclectic range of Hip-Hop, Mash-up, R&B, and House mixes, as well as television screens throughout for your viewing pleasure. With its comprehensive stock of wines, beers, and spirits, and a classic menu of small plate tapas, D10 Ultra Lounge is ideal for both daytime corporate events and meetings, an afternoon coffee or wine, as well as the ultimate night-life party experience. D10 Ultra Lounge will certainly be an experience to remember. Located inside Da Tong Mill 155 Julu Road. Underground parking is available.

Mission: Creating a new experience in entertainment worldwide.




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