Julian Schnabel in Shanghai

by City Moments Tuesday 18 October 2011

VIP Opening on Thursday 27 Oct. 11

6 - 9 PM / de 18h à 21h

18Gallery at Bund18
18 Zhongshan Dong Yi Lu - Shanghai
Julian Schnabel's Polaroïds series is sort of a diary of the ten last years of the artist’s life. Julian Schnabel takes photos of key figures but above all his friends, such as Takashi Murakami, Lou Reed, Placido Domingo or Mickey Rourke. He allows us to enter in his private life, unpretentiously thanks to these authentic 20"x24” unique pieces ...

施纳贝拍摄了如Takashi Murakami, Lou Reed, Placido Domingo 和Mickey Rourke. 这些知名人士。艺术家带我们走进他的内心世界,在20 x 24’’的冲印上没有多余的技法,为了凸显精华,他只是稍微重新加了点绘画。审美的,撩人的,自2002年选出的这些照片把观者带到了另外一个时空。

Show from / Exposition du : 
27 Oct - 8 Dec, 2011


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Interview with DJ Martin Eyerer

by City Moments Tuesday 16 August 2011
Martin eyerer_tlw_03

City Moments and Zeal are bringing DJ Martin Eyerer (Germany) to perform at ZEAL Club on the 19th of August.

We had the chance to have a little chat before he arrives and here is what came out....


Martin, you are playing in clubs all around the world. Is there a place which you prefer most?

The question for the ultimate event is often asked. I always say and this is the truth – there are so many good parties, small or big, which are amazing at the end that it would be unfair to name just one or even 5. Sure there a re highlights like the big love parade in 2000 or also playing one of the first mayday raves in Germany

City wise I must say it’s definitely China and some places In Southamerica I like going most.
Are there big differences between your performances in Germany and your international performances regarding music and party-feeling?
Yes sure there is a logical difference as in Germany we have a developed electronic music scene for more than 25 years. I some countries and also china it’s not that old. On the one hand people here are very familiar with the specific tracks and set, in those other countries of course there are people like that as well but not everyone – on the other hand people in china are more hungry for international dj’s coming there. Over here in Europe sometimes people are a bit “overloaded” already as there’s every week guest djs in many clubs even in the same city.
In Latin America the mentality of the people is different. They are more emotional and put more focus in having a great night than in other values. But this doesn’t  mean that parties in other countries are worse or something. No it’s just a different way sometimes.
Where do you get your inspiration for your music?
This can be anything. Like music I hear – and I am not only talking about dance music – places I visit, people I talk to, movies I see, countries I see…everything can give you an inspiration for doing a track
Your album “Word of Mouth” was released in 2008 by Great Stuff Records. When can we expect your next album?
I just this year released my album tiny little widgets on blu fin which did very well. Also a big remix package was released with the album ,ike mixes from Kaiserdisco, Tigerskin, Gel ABril, Thomas Schumacher, Sasse, Namito, Tom Clark, Nicole Moudaber and many more. Also a single feat Kosheen was on the album which was pretty success…
You have your own record label Kling Klong. What lead to the cooperation between you and Great Stuff Records?
The cooperation those days was logical: They are and were a successful record company and I worked close with them. So I asked them to take care of the marketing and business side of my label. This worked out pretty successful and well the last years until they decided to focus more on their own exclusive artists and business and we decided to split up. Since one year I work with Rainer Weichhold who also worked for GSr the last years.
Serato or Traktor/ Final Scratch?
Definitely Traktor. Much more functionality, more performance, more possibilities of advanced deejaying.
You have a wife and two kids, how can you manage being a successful DJ touring the world and a husband/father at the same time
Every successful guy has to handle this in a way. Because when you are successful means you work a lot. The secret is to schedule the time pretty well. When I am in my city I spend time with the family and e.g go back to my studio at night when they sleep. Also when I travel abroad I don’t stay just for sightseeing another 4 days more. These things make it work.
Can you tell us a something about your craziest story that happened during your career as a DJ?
Too many stories guys . This I will better tell you on a nice Vodka on the rocks :)
During you stay in China did you get to know some Chinese DJ’s?
I am pretty well friends with Yang Bing from Beijing, a great producer and DJ. And yes there’s always excellent local guys warming up my set or playing after me!
Will we hear some new music from you this time at ZEAL?
Yes sure I always have new stuff on me. From my both labels and also from myself but also from friends of mine who give me their latest music.
What or who had the biggest influence on your music?
This is again a question where you can’t just name three names and this is it. All my musical development from the eighties until now is and was influencing me. I listen to any kind of music and that’s what I did all my life.
You are the owner of two record labels, Kling Klong and Session Deluxe under which roof many new upcoming DJ’s are housing. Any secret tip on the rising star beneath them?
Hard question . Just signed a 4 track e.p. from German Daniel Pscheid who I think will be causing some more attention in the future. Generally signing young artists is pretty risky. They always sell less even if its great tracks. But there’s just too much music coming out so people just look for names. Though we do sign new and fresh talents and don’t stop to believe in them!
When you travel what do you carry in your suitcase? Maybe a bit too personal :)
For sure always 1 or 2 books – depending how long will my travel be. Also sometimes my traveler guitar, in the hotel rooms I have time to practice. Then I have my Ipad and never forget my camera!
What can we expect from you on the 19th at ZEAL?
A great party with a top motivated Martin Eyerer! I will spin some unreleased music from my labels and myself! So make sure you come out there! 
Thanks a lot for the interview Martin and we are looking forward to a great event with you at ZEAL this Friday!

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China Dance Delight Vol. 2, Yes, China is krumpin, poppin & lockin too!..

by Lin Li Monday 25 July 2011

China's most famous Hip Hop / Poppin / Lockin / New Style competition where winners get the chance to participate to the Japan Dance Delight..
This time, in the great setting of The Mixing Room at the Mercedes-Benz Arena.

This year, one all boyz Beijing team won the title with their clean popping & new style technical skills.
Special note for the Avant-garde metrosexual performance of the "What The F*ck" Crew..

Thanks to Dragon Dance Studio, Conan, Stanly & Asuka for the organization!

Check it out:

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Start the Future - BMX

by David Lazarowicz Wednesday 20 July 2011

Nothing much can be said about the opening party held on the 17th of July, other than it was a really good night with many friends and fellow riders. Riders and friends from XiAn, ShenZhen, NanJing came to the party and many of them competed in our BMX jam which last 3 hours. We thank the officials and friends who were there and thank you for starting TheFuture with us. Below are the photos from the BMX jam, photos of the prize giving and party will upload later.

17号的活动有很多朋友前来,没有什么太多的词和句子可以形容这次活动,所有人真的很开心。整个比赛活动差不多3个小时,有很多车手来自全国各地包括西安,南京,深圳等地,感谢那天所有的工作人员,也感谢前来参加活动的每一个人。谢谢你们可以和我们一起Start The Future,希望我们会有机会享受美好的未来!这些是本次活动比赛部分的照片,大家快来找找自己的身影在哪里吧。颁奖和派对的照片稍后会上传。
Check out more pictures here

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Beach Volleyball: Report from Beijing

by Jeremy Breningstall Monday 04 July 2011

Just to let you know that City Moments is not ONLY about parties :)
China added a third major beach volleyball to its roster this year but the crowds have yet to follow. Last week, the first $600,000 Beijing Grand Slam event took place, part of the FIVB Swatch World Tour which features the best male and female beach volleyball players from around the globe. The Beijing event followed closely on the heels of the Sanya and Shanghai Open tournaments.
The competition was fierce at the Beijing Grand Slam. In the men's division, Brazil's Alison Cerutti and Emanuel Rego (who just last Sunday took the world title in Rome) finished first in a come-from-behind match against Germany's Julius Brink and Jonas Reckermann, another top team with many years of world competition experience. The hulking Cerutti threw out two muscular fists after winning the first place prize in Shanghai. In their route to the top, they were aided by an ankle injury to American Phil Dalhausser, which forced Dalhausser and partner Todd Rogers to withdraw from Beijing and may have slowed him in Rome- though to be fair, Rogers and Dalhausser were already experiencing a slight slump even before the injury. After a year of nearly unrivaled domination, Dalhausser and Rogers now have rich competition heading into the 2012 Olympic year. Earlier this spring, Dalhausser and Rogers beat fellow Americans Jake Gibb and Sean Rosenthal in the finals at the Shanghai Open to take the first place prize there. The World Championships in Rome was a Brazilian affair- Cerutti and Rego faced off against countrymen Ricardo Santos and Marcio Araujo in the final match.
On the women's side, two-time Olympic gold medalists Kerri Walsh and Misty May-Treanor took first place in Beijing but fell to Brazil's Larissa Franca and Juliana Felisberta Da Silva a week later. 
Since winning three world titles and Olympic gold medals in Athens and Beijing in the last decade, Walsh and May-Treanor have been seldom seen on the world circuit. Walsh took time off to give birth to two sons. May-Treanor, who has an acting career on the side, was injured while participating in the Dancing With the Stars television show. Now they are back and have made it clear they plan to reclaim their way at the top, though they will also have to face off Brazilian competition in order to do so. They beat the Number 1 ranked team, 2009 world champions Jen Kessy and April Ross (also of the USA), twice in the last two weeks. But Walsh and May-Treanor lost to Franca and Silva in a close three-set final in Rome and Brazil now holds the FIVB world title in both the men's and women's division. Franca and Silva won medals in the three previous world tournaments but this is the first time they have captured the gold.
Getting back to China...
Attendance at the Beijing event was so sparse that at times it seemed that the crowd was outnumbered by cheerleaders. In an apparent face-saving measure that must have been planned in advance, a group of around 300 mostly middle-aged Chinese volunteer fans wearing matching t-shirts arrived for the weekend televised matches, but a crowd of several hundred does not do much to cover even the lower deck of the Chaoyang Park beach volleyball venue, built as a site for the 2008 Beijing Olympics.The low attendance is particularly ironic given that beach volleyball is said to be one of the most sought after events for ticketbuyers going to the London Olympics next year.
I'm not sure why no one came to watch in Beijing, but I have a few thoughts:
1) China's sports attending public is still significantly smaller than other countries in general and for beach volleyball in particular.
2) No Chinese teams advanced to the semi-finals in either the men's or women's divisions.
3) Ticket prices were too high. A door checker told me the price for tickets was 200rmb. If that was the price, it should have been dropped aobut 90 percent just to get people through the door. While plenty of people in China can afford 500rmb bottles of whisky and perfume, they're not going to sporting events. Dropping the ticket prices would have at least enabled a broader and younger audience a better opportunity to attend.
4) Limited publicity in local media. While there certainly were a number of photographers at the tournament, I didn't seem much coverage appearing in press outlets such as China Daily, which could have been used to publicize the event to an international audience.
5) Difficult access. Chaoyang Park's beach volleyball venue is not the easiest destination to reach using Beijing's messy public transportation network. I had enough trouble getting to and from there by taxi.
Hopefully, FIVB and Beijing sports authorities will be able to resolve at least some of these issues next year. Certainly, the event is a great feature to have. The Shanghai Open, which takes place on Jinshan Beach, does not have stellar attendance but draws a much larger crowd than the tournament in Beijing. The Shanghai Open is assisted by free admission and the relatively easy access to the volleyball venue for beach visitors
Some impressions from the turnament 

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New Music Monday: May week 1

by Cyril Hijack Thursday 19 May 2011
















New Music Monday is back after a couple week hiatus, I finally got some dope new beats for you ipods and mp3 players. This week we have some new reggae to put you in that summer mood. Some Lyrical skills from Consequence, Phil Ade, and others. But I have to say all the tracks are worth downloading and at least giving them a try or 2. I do these to try and showcase new artists you might not know and or tracks that are new.  So grab the full zip file and enjoy you week of new music.

by choyce kutz

N.M.M May week 1
Consequence – Waited Too Long ft. Ryan Leslie and Tony Williams
Steve Liriks – Peace, Prosperit

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Mr. Big has Visa-Problems

by City Moments Thursday 05 May 2011
Mr big em6

Due to Visa-Problems Mr. Big can not perform tomorrow (Friday 06) at the Midi-Festival.
But that is no reason not to go out there tomorrow with lots of other great acts such as:

13:00-13:30 Angry Jerks

13:50-14:20 Mya Audrey (Switzerland)

14:50-15:30 Sonnet

16:00-16:40 Top Floor Circus

17:10-17:50 MONGOL800 (Japan)

18:20-19:00 Crystal Butterfly

Loads of fun and good music is awaiting you!!

See you out there.


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Michael (Antidote) on MIDI

by City Moments Wednesday 27 April 2011

CM: First of all, could you introduce yourself, and tell us how you've been involved in Shanghai's music scene ?

Hi, I'm Michael Antidote, I've been involved in the local music scene for about 7 years now, doing everything from hip hop shows to rock bands to all sorts of electronic music.  Mostly I'm a promoter, but I also have a bar, DADA, and a record label, PAUSE:MUSIC.  The Antidote is our party name, we have a monthly event at the Shelter, and we do tours around China and Asia under that name also.  We also work with festivals around China, we're doing Nanjing International Music Festival and MIDI Shanghai in the same week!
CM: What challenges did you encounter, being part of the first MIDI Festival in Shanghai ?

Oh so so many!  But that's part of the reason I'm here doing what I do -- I live for these challenges.   Most people have no idea all the work and risk that goes into organizing a music festival.  It takes a nearly a full year of planning for a 3 day event, with uncertainties over your head the whole time.

CM: Which artists should we especially be looking out for this time ?

On the main stage:
Boys Climbing Ropes - local indie rock stars finally on their home town big stage
Free The Birds (aka Ziyo) - singer Helen from Pet Conspiracy leads this electro rock band from Beijing -- lots of energy and fun
Top Floor Circus - Shanghai's notorious and controversial comedy rock act

Antidote stage:
Caliph8 - we're flying him in because we think he's one of the best talents in Asia now.  Live electronic set.
CM: How did you select the different artists who will perform on the electronic stage, and are they all Shanghai based ?

Originally we wanted a line up featuring more international and out of town acts, but there were complications with the permit process and of course the budget.   But we feel we've put together a super solid line up of mostly local talents -- there's a great variety of music styles, and even some of the most familiar names on the line up are planning something special for the festival. 
CM: Shall we expect classic DJ sets or will there be some live sets, performances or VJing involved ?

All the above -- live sets, VJing, MCs -- mixed in with the DJ sets.  I'm reminding the DJs that it's an outdoor festival in the day time, not just another night out at the club.
CM: Since the Festival ends every day before 10pm.. where are the after-parties ??

I believe Mao Livehouse is doing a rock-focused after-party with MIDI, and we're doing an after thing at DADA bar for sure.

People -- try to come out early for the MIDI festival, we start maybe even before 2pm each afternoon, and some of the early set acts you don't want to miss.   Also -- dress up for this festival !!!  We've got people coming as giant bunnies and a group of wacky guys and girls wearing matching pyjamas, another group dressing like sea creatures -- it's going to be a freaking zoo out there!

CM: Thank you for your time and see you under the sun !

More info on the event: Midi Festival Shanghai 2011

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by MusicDish China Thursday 21 April 2011

MusicDish*China is proud to be a media sponsor for the 2nd year in a row of China's No.1 outdoor rock festival, WHICH is expanding to four cities
Author: Lin Xu, MusicDish*China

The 2011 Midi Festival will start in Beijing, the capital city that has witnessed the birth and twelve years growth of this festival, from April 30th to May 2nd. The festival will be held in Jing Langdao Park in the Mentougou district in west suburbs of Beijing. The performance list for Beijing Midi this year has created a new record, including hundreds of well-known rock bands from both China and abroad.

The legendary American hard rock band Mr. Big will make its first debut in China. Emerged in the late 80s, Mr. Big held its unique style among the hard rock bands. They not only excelled in various extremely technical fast-beat songs, but also whined with their melodic adagios. Their singles 'To Be With You' and 'Wild World' have become the must-listen introductory songs for Chinese rock 'n' roll youth. Mr. Big is sure to arouse nostalgic choruses with their performance in Beijing Midi on May 1st and Shanghai Midi on May 6th.

The ten-year-old punk band Mongol 800 is one of the best rock bands in Japan. They have inspired young people to love life and go after their dreams with their rebellious attitude. Apart from participating in Beijing and Shanghai Midi Festival this year, Mongol 800 will also be performing live with local Chinese bands at both Beijing and Shanghai's MAO Livehouses. Meanwhile, they are donating part of their ticket sales to Japanese Red Cross to help with the earthquake and tsunami relief.

Miserable Faith is often referred to as a milestone in today's modern rock scene in China. On their first debut this year on April 2nd, the band has broken the box record of rock performances in Beijing Live House with their high-quality live shows. Thus far, Miserable Faith has already played the north-western portion of their China tour, including performances in cities like Hohhot, Baotou, Yinchuan, Urumqi, Xining, Lanzhou, Xi'an, Zhengzhou and Anyang. Attesting to their massive appeal, Miserable Faith will be giving the closing performance at both Midi Festivals.

The Montreal-based rock band Your Favorite Enemies has recently played at Canadian Music Week Festival in Toronto where the band member and manager Jeff Beaulieu met up with MusicDish CEO Eric de Fontenay. This "DIY" band has managed every single aspect of its career based on their community values as they rose from their non-traditional music model since their founding in 2006. They are touring thirteen cities in China, appearing at both in Beijing (May 2nd ) and Shanghai (May 8th ) Midi festivals. Joining them will be over ten rock bands from Canada, Netherlands, German, Switzerland, Spain, Australia and Singapore.

Other participating domestic bands include established Beijing rock characters such as Liu Donghong & Sand, Nanwu, SMZB, Yaksa, Voodoo Kungfu, AK47, Brainfailure and Reflector. Some new bands are also showing. The Dancer for example is a new band founded in 2010 with familiar faces from some the biggest names in Beijing rock, including Liu Hao (Joyside), Dong Xuan (Hedgehog) and Wang Xin (Casino Demon). It should be one of the big hits among the new figures.

The festival series takes its second stop in Shanghai, the bustling metropolitan. The Shanghai Midi committee has strived to achieve their goal to "Rock Shanghai", and they are about to make it. The festival will be held from May 6th to May 8th in the Pudong Century Park in Shanghai. The Shanghai Midi will stick to the never-give-in spirit of the festival and bring a feast of performances. The Beijing band Free the Bird, formerly known as Ziyo will also join Midi in Shanghai. Other Beijing Midi performing bands that will continue to rock on in Shanghai include TOOKOO, Yaksa and Reflector. In addition, some local bands representing the hardcore force of Shanghai's rock will be making their presence felt, including Top Floor Circus, Crystal Butterfly, Cold Fairyland, Mushroom Group and MusicDish*China favorite Boys Climbing Ropes. The Shanghai festival will also feature an electric dance stage, which is sponsored by the Shanghai-based well-known electronic party label ANTIDOTE, and will its strong line-up of DJs and high-quality music.

Date/Time: May 6th to May 8th in the Pudong Century Park in Shanghai

Other stops of the Midi-Festival througout this year:

In summer 2011, during August 4th to August 7th, the Ocean Midi Festival will be held in the Olympics Water Park in Rizhao, Shan Dong province. Rizhao, with its longest and widest beach in northern China and low pollution levels, is know as the "garden city" in China and has been rewarded the United Nations Habitat award. Apart from the rock 'n' roll stage, Rizhao Midi will also hold the largest ocean electronic party in China! Fans around China and worldwide will party throughout night and embrace the rising sun over the sea together.

The final stop of Midi is the Yangtze Midi Festival being held for the second time from October 1-4 during China's National Day on the Yangtze Shiyezhou Island in Zhenjiang, Jiangsu province. Shiyezhou Island has witnessed the success of Midi last year, and will no doubt become one of the most influential spot where China's youth culture mixes with rock, as the muddy ground has become an unforgettable experience of Midi fans.

The year-round 2011 Midi Festival is run under the theme with "Love the Bears!". Midi will hold series of live activities in corporation with animal protecting organizations, and together with fans to protest against the abuse of bear bile.

About MusicDish*China
Launched at MIDEM 2010 in Cannes, France, MusicDish*China is the latest online brand from MusicDish LLC, a digital music company, providing a unique insight into China's emerging music industry. Focused on the cultural hubs of Beijing and Shanghai as well as broader markets in Taiwan and Singapore, MusicDish*China has sponsored major events such as Midi Festival and INTRO 2010 and works closely with local stakeholder.

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C-Real’s New Trends Wednesdays

by Cyril Hijack Monday 18 April 2011

Air Jordan V – Jordan Tokyo 23 Collection

Jordan Brand’s Tokyo center is called, appropriately, Jordan Tokyo 23. And while the shop is still under construction, there is no better way to get the hype train fired up than releasing photos of models crafted to celebrate the shop’s release. The main draw will be this yellow suede Air Jordan V (5) Retro, as its striking black and yellow (just try to not hum along to the Whiz song!) colorway already has people stateside begging for a domestic release. The outsole on the bottom even features a yellow jumpman, while the shop’s logo is embroidered onto the heel. The rumor is that it will release in late April, but rest assured that we will have the information for you as soon as they become available.


Jordan Kick Names T-Shirt

While there is no single source of where it came from, the nicknames dubbed by fans to each Air Jordan releases served as an easily identifiable marker for the editions. In addition, its purpose transcends merely just an object of desirability but as something of emotional memorabilia. Asked any Jordan aficionados where they were when the “Cool Grey” came out last December or the “Playoffs”, and they will recount each moment to the seconds. And for those new to this brotherhood of fanatics, there is the Jordan Kick Names T-Shirt, a “cheat sheet” of all the popular Air Jordan models conveniently printed on 100% cotton tee. Even if you don’t own a pair of AJs, the tees still make a great reference source to popular culture and street lingo. Available now through


Stussy x Nike Sky Force 88 Mid Preview

Stussy has once again joined forces with Nike to create these soon-to-be-released sneakers. Choosing the Nike Sky Force 88 Mid model, Stussy has opted for four different colorways. Camo versions feature a mix of solid color leather sections with canvas camo print toe and side panels will sell along side a wheat and an all black colorway. The Stussy SS Link logo has been embossed onto the tongue area, placed over the basketball of the classic Force Mid 88 logo. These sneakers are set to release in Japan in the near future with a retail set at ¥13,650 JPY (approximately 1,060RMB).

Supreme – Spring 2011 T-Shirts

After successions of winter storms and a freakishly cold Spring, Supreme, the Lafayette Street staple, is here to remind us that warmer weather is just ahead with a set of 6 graphic t-shirts. Unlike some of the more “snarky” graphics in the past, the new assortment is straight forward, with one as a tribute to late Soul music great Curtis Mayfield.  The t-shirts will be available this Thursday, April 14th, at Supreme’s North America retail locations and online store, follow by availability at its Japan retail points this Saturday, April 16th.


Air Jordan VII (7) – Year Of The Rabbit & Bordeaux

This has shaped up to be the year of the Air Jordan VII (7) retro. Adding to the well-received Year of the Rabbit Air Force 1 and Air Jordan 2011, what better paring of animal and shoe than the “Hare” and this model that bore that name twenty years ago? This limited release features a monochromatic tongue, unlike that of the Bordeaux colorway due out soon, and a simple, direct colorway of white, red, grey, and gold. This has a more than slight resemblance to the Hare model first released in 1991, apart from the multicolored tongue and the red detailing on the jumpman, heel tab and laces, which are replaced by a dark gold/bronze.

While 19 years is a long time, the constant recollections by fans and the nostalgic images from that fateful 1992 NBA All-Star Game made us forget just how long this wait is, more accurately, the wait was. First worn by Michael Jordan at the 1992 NBA All-Star Game, the Air Jordan VII (7) in Black/Light Graphite-Bordeaux, or simply known as Bordeaux, was never on re-release schedule set by Jordan Brand till next Saturday, April 16th, when Jordan retailers around the globe will begin to sell them once again. Because of its rarity, its often deemed as one of the most sought after Jordan models. Let’s hope it won’t be another 19 years for us to see its return again.


Boundless 2011 Fall/Winter “Gardens of the Pure” Collection Preview

Boundless offers a preview of the brand’s upcoming collection for Fall/Winter 2011. Arguably one of their most cohesive collections to date, fall/winter sees a focus on cut-and-sew almost entirely as various staples are highlighted, including chinos, button-down shirts, outerwear, fleece and the usual T-shirt and accessory range.


Shrine Sneaker Rack

Have you ever wished for a shoe rack system that can display your sneaker collection more efficiently and stylishly. Independent product designer Fernando A Robert took that very simple concept and designed the Shrine Sneaker Rack. These racks are made from light weight brushed stainless steel and its simple construction functions as a wall mounted display. It is ideal for your home or shop and it can be mounted in any configuration on the wall. Currently these are only sold as limited runs to gauge consumer interest and purchases can be made directly from theShrine Sneaker Rack online store.


by Cyril - HipHop Hijack


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