by City Moments Monday 26 October 2015
Red ribbon gala e-invite

SHANGHAI – ShanghaiPRIDE, QEvents & Grand Kempinski Hotel Shanghai held a press conference this afternoon to officially launch the Red Ribbon Gala Dinner which benefits AIDSLIFE Center.

In conjunction with World AIDS Day on December 1st, the event aims to raise public awareness, tolerance, and acceptance as well as seek help for HIV/AIDS patients and their families. There will be a cocktail reception, four-course dinner, awesome performances, raffles draw, and auction. An autographed basketball by Liu Wei, a China national team player, and a music album by Coco Zhao, China's beloved jazz vocalist and song-writer are among the items to be auctioned. Individual tickets are priced at ¥900 each and a table of ten is at ¥8,000. Tickets are open for sale and organizers hope to attract 300 generous guests.

“People living with HIV/AIDS are normal people too, just like cardiac and diabetes patients. More work needs to be done to overcome controversies, stigma and discrimination towards the disease and patients”, said ShanghaiPRIDE organizer Raymond Phang.

AIDSLIFE Center Deputy Director, Shen Xiaofeng said that the funds raised from the event will be used to improve the life quality of severe AIDS patients during hospitalization such as helping them purchase basic daily necessities during hospitalization and urgent medication.

“As a great supporter of societal and charity events, we hope that the public will join us to show love and contribute to those in need”, said Cindy Zhang, Director of Marketing Communications of the Grand Kempinski Hotel Shanghai.

Over 20 local and foreign lifestyle, health, LGBT and general media attended the press conference. This is the first time for the organizers to hold the Red Ribbon Gala Dinner and they hope this can be an annual event to promote awareness and care. They would like to invite partners from corporate, media, and health communities to join together and make a greater impact on the cause.

To RSVP, please visit (individual tickets) or contact Ms. Lin Tao (QEvents) / Ms. Christina Jiang (Kempinski) for table bookings and sponsorships.

左起:陶霖、张小娟、彭智政、麦涵客、沈晓枫 \ From left: Lin Tao, Cindy Zhang, Raymond Phang, Henk Meyknecht, Xiaofeng Shen 

上海骄傲节负责人彭智政 \ Raymond Phang, key organizer of ShanghaiPRIDE    


红丝带徽章 \ Red ribbon badges


Red Ribbon Gala Dinner

Date: 2015/12/01  |  18:30 - 21:30

Grand Kempinski Hotel Shanghai







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SPOTLIGHT Interview: Kafe.Hu

by Tim Engel Thursday 13 November 2014
Kafe hu



Kafe.Hu gave CityMoments an exclusive interview. Get the latest insights into his career and see him live this Saturday at SPOTLIGHT Vol.2 @Kulou.




What’s your first memory of hip hop?
您对Hip Hop最初的记忆是什么?

It's very different from Pop music and it attracts me instantly.
新的音乐 和以前听的流行歌不一样 更吸引我

When did you start performing? What prompted you to start recording?

It was many years ago I only remember that my performance wasn't great and for me it's meaningless at the time. Later on, I was basically going with the flow recording everyone song I wrote for fun.
很多年前了 就是可以表演便表演了 只记得那时不是太好 也没有什么深刻的意义录歌的话 就是比较顺理成章了 我写了歌 便要录出来 。

How’s the hip hop scene In Chengdu? Are you connected much to Shanghai’s hip hop, like Al Rocco, etc?
Hip Hop在成都的情况怎么样? 您跟上海的Hip Hop相关联吗,例如 Al Rocca,等等?

Positively speaking, I think Hip Hop in Chengdu is still growing. Thankfully, as a small community we've gotten a lot of support from the locals especially students, most of them they are willing to pay and come to our live shows, as well as following us online.
Frankly, I don't think my style is connected much  to Shanghai's hip hop, since I barely got the chance to exchange ideas with the rappers in Shanghai. Of course, if I get the chance, it's my pleasure to be friends with the rappers there.
Oh by the way, CHA CHA and Wino Willy live in Shanghai that might help with the connection.
HIPHOP在成都的情况总体上来说是比较乐观的 有很多人支持 也会愿意买票看现场 尽管学生居多。
说到这个 我觉得自己并没有和上海的HIPHOP有什么关联 也不太了解上海的HIPHOP是怎么样的 我很少有机会和这个城市的RAPPER们交流 如果有机会的话 我愿意和聊得来的RAPPER交朋友。
哦对了。  CHA CHA和 Wino Willy住在上海 这算有一点关联 。

Why did you decide to name your 2013 release “The Guy?”
为什么决定给您2013年发布的专辑命名《The Guy》?

Haha I actually explained a bit referring to this in my album. If most of the rappers would like to call themselves the King, then I would like to call myself the Guy. To name it with different terms, it was just my first thoughts when I was recording the album. But now I think it really is everyone's freedom to decide whether or not to call themselves the King, and it's always a good thing when you have confidence on yourself.
哈哈 记得专辑里面说过 那段录音是到现在为止我最后一次主动让THC进入呼吸管道了 那种状态很好笑 所以我说了些废话 如果很多RAPPER愿意叫自己“THE KING"的话 那我想叫自己”THE GUY" 反正需要和别人有点不一样吧。
当时的想法是这样的  而现在 我觉得叫不叫自己“KING”是每个人的自由 对自己的能力有自信的话 是非常好的一件事 。

Can you explain a little bit about the two main producers you use, Eddie and Wino Willy?
能简略的为我们介绍一下您的两位制作人,Eddie 和 Wino Willy吗?

I always say Eddie is a genius. Honestly, it's not easy for me to "compliment" him because we met each other long time ago and became really good friends after since. He is like a brother to me. Haha He is unique, not only in terms of music, but also personality, he is a very flexible person, natural and unrestrained. From my perspective, I admire his attitude towards life!
As for Wino Willy, we call him Mr. Wang's Got Talent. He named it himself actually. It's a quite fierce name for a black guy from Atlanta! I knew Wino Willy because of CHA CHA, his music has given me a lot of inspiration but I've never met him in person. I am looking forward to meet CHA CHA in the future.
很好啊!ED是天才我一直这样说 我们认识了很久 很熟 也因为太熟  以至于我不知道怎么去具体地“赞美”他 哈哈 总而言之 很特别 不管音乐还是性格 是个弹性很大的人 在我的生活范畴里 我觉得这样的人很潇洒!
Wino Willy 我更愿意叫他“王有才” 这个名字是他自己取的 对于一个来自亚特兰大的黑人哥们儿来说 这名字太凶了!因为CHA CHA我和他认识 他的音乐有一部分很吸引以及启发我 我们没有见过面 很希望有机会和他做真正的好朋友

Your music generally has a  more chill vibe, like A Tribe Called Quest or De La Soul. DO you ever get pushed to make more club-friendly faire?
您的音乐通常给人更轻松的感觉, 比如A Tribe Called Quest 或 De La Soul。您曾经有被迫尝试过夜店里更受欢迎的主流音乐吗?

Of course I tried!  I used to do freestyle at the club. However, on the stage I am being ignored, no one cares about what I am doing, and I swear, it doesn't feel very pleasant at all. But later on, these experiences became a part of me, it gives me inspiration, and made me become who I am today. For that, I have nothing to complain about. It's just that it helps me make up my mind and stick to what I am doing today.
For me, I don't like being labeled. Right now my music might be chilled, but in the future I'm definitely willing to make it different.
当然啊!我曾经也在夜店里面即兴演出过 那种感觉很特别 台下很混乱 他们好像不是很在乎你在干什么 有一种自己是下酒菜的感觉 我保证!当时很不爽!但后来这些感觉竟也成为了我灵感来源的一部分 对于这个 我没有什么好抱怨的 只是不愿意再去干那种工作了。
对于音乐更轻松的感觉 我可以多说一点吗?如果觉得太啰嗦的话 也可以删了它 是这样的 我总以为 这是听众们对我这个人的错觉吗?
我 有点不喜欢被归类于一个框架里 如果大家希望KAFE HU一直是这样的感觉我觉得新专辑会让抱有这类期望的朋友们失去部分兴趣为了能满足自己对音乐的一些特殊爱好新专辑我开始为自己做音乐也请了一些朋友来帮 忙我希望更丰富的编配出现在自己的音乐里 所以它可能不是特别轻松了 。
以往的“轻松” 也包含了制作人的因素在里面。

If there was one rap song by someone else you wish you could write, what would it be?

Not yet, I think everyone has their own style, so u know, if I am trying to be someone else, it still works, but it's definitely gonna be time consuming and on the top of that, it's meaningless for me.
Of course, I've followed a lot of other artists trying to learn from their work and secretly craving that same kind of feeling I might also create. It just...sorry I don't have a good answer for this question.
没有 我觉得每个人都有属于自己的独特气质 所以我知道 要去靠近另一个人的风格 不是不行 只不过是过程太漫长且不具有意义了。
当然!我也从很多音乐艺术家的作品里学习甚至窥探到自己也许很希望到达的某种感觉 只不过和具体形式没有太大关系罢了 对不起我回答不好这个问题。

How would you like expats in China to approach your music?

Let them hear my voice.

What would you say to a rapper who wants to come to the Spotlight show in Saturday and battle you?

No need to battle. Let's have a drink together!
不要吧  我们还是去喝杯饮料吃个蛋挞慢慢聊怎么样?



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R.A.W. Land Festival

by Tim Engel Tuesday 21 October 2014

‘Rising Artists’ Works’ or ‘R.A.W. Land’ as part of ‘China Shanghai International Arts Festival’ Oct 19th – 26th

This year, as the very highlight of the 16th anniversary of the Festival, China Shanghai International Arts Festival(CSIAF) joins forces with Shanghai Theatre Academy (STA), a weeklong non-stop young artists carnival R.A.W! Land The festival will take place at the Academy from Oct. 19th to 26th. The STA’s curricula of the week will be cleared allowing public access to the campus. The eight-day program will launch over 200 performances, over 30 workshops and lectures and over 20 visual art exhibitions.
Our program is aimed at inheriting the tradition, highlighting the modernization, recommending the talents and popularizing the art. Artistic and commercial productions of excellent young artists are created and called for from China and other Chinese-speaking communities. Besides R.A.W. Land will showcase some of the most celebrated international creative performances from the best talents all over the world. R.A.W! Land intends to set up a high-quality platform of artistic creation and exploration for young talents in performing arts area, to intensify Shanghai’s role in incubating original works to international attention and representative of the creative force of young generation in China, and to promote the positive mainstream values to the young generation.
The program has three sections. The first is Stagecraft Art Performances, which is the core part of the series activities of the program, consisting of the premiere of the commissioned productions and the performances of the invited productions. This year the theme of the commissioning program is “History: Mystery”-- A Conversation Between Intangible Cultural Heritage And Modern Arts. The Arts Panel is led by the internationally renowned composer Mr. Tan Dun and comprises theatre director Mr. Lin Zhaohua, choreographer/dancer Ms.Yang Liping. The seconds section is Visual Art Exhibition, which consists of screen shows and exhibitions of high artistic quality, various genres enriching the visual experience of R.A.W Land. For example, college students featuring micro film, which will be held in the rehearse room of Hong Lou. Thirdly there’ll be Master Workshops and Lectures by representative figures of different realms of art, domestic and overseas.

PROGRAM HIGHLIGHTScan be found in our event section on .

RAW or All Rising Artists’ Work is held at the Shanghai Theatre Academy Campus, which is located on 630 Huashan Road, Jing'an District / 华山路630号,静安区
The Theatre Academy is near to three metro stations:

  • Changshu road on line 1 and 7 / 常速路 1/7 号线
  • Jing’An Temple on line 2 and 7 / 静安寺 2/7 号线
  • Jiangsu Road on line 2 and 11 / 江苏路 2/11 号线


The Festival grounds are open to the public. For 10 RMB (presale) or 20 RMB (at door) you have entry to outdoor performances, lectures, exhibitions workshops and some theatre shows. All main acts in the theatres have various entry prices. Please visit the festival website for prices and bookings for specific performances or the whole festival.


Information website: Rising Artists’ Work
Foreigner ticket sales:
China Shanghai international Arts Festival:

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A Moment with American Booze DJ and a Shorter Moment with Horse Meat Disco's James Hilliard

by Tim Engel Friday 17 October 2014
James hilliard and american booze


A Moment with American Booze DJ and a Shorter Moment with Horse Meat Disco's James Hilliard

by Brian Offenther


Most DJs are of the prick sort. They're music snobs, have the sort of hubris that leads someone to want to marionette the bodies on a dance-floor, have a license to give themselves flamboyant names, and generally are more tied to the marketing than the actual craft of what they do.

(One of) Shanghai's grand exception: American Booze DJ. He's one of the nicest dudes around. A sweet man, his attitude is inclusive, his attitude, cooperative. Sure, he pulled the old “I'm retiring” shtick employed by everyone from Frank Sinatra to Kiss to Jay Z when he threw his “final” Double Happiness party, but he's back on the promoter grind.

Tonight, American Booze is presenting James Hilliard of the popular and hip and equestrian Horse Meat Disco parties based out of London. They specialize in retro-y disco but can stretch to include some open format stuff. Also, they're nominally gay, but in effect, open to all persuasions.



1) Please introduce yourself to people who might not be familiar with you.


Hi, I’m Nik. I’m not American. I’ve been of legal drinking age for a while. It’s been a good summer of disco music and vodka, dirty and espresso martinis.

2)So, I thought you retired at the Double Happiness party a few months ago (Note: the author DJed that event). The pull of the DJ booth was too strong for you?


This “DJ” thing is just a hobby – I wouldn’t say I was legit or anything. It’s fun and addictive and can only be done in a club.


But yes, Double Happiness died at the end of November 2013 after three years of parties here. A couple of resuscitations for friends’ birthdays happened in Spring but ultimately flat-lined.

Since July 2012 a different party for disco and italo - Discosmic Adventure – ran alongside Double Happiness and I’m still involved with that. But Discosmic is a loose team effort with Lindberg, Velvet Robot, Eugene YX and Phunhouse. Double Happiness was my baby, which I killed. Maybe I will do some necromancy voodoo rituals at Dada – get some live chickens - and bring it back in 2015. Soundtrack by Cut Hands. 


In any case it’s Discosmic Adventure “bringing” Horse Meat Disco back for their second Shanghai show.


But it’s all semantics really – Sacco is the real brains behind it. Even the grass dancefloor at the last ever Double Happiness party was his idea.

3) You might be the quietest of all the DJs in Shanghai. Do "real bad boys move in silence," like KRS-One said?


I’ll try and speak louder. Also, yes.

4)You're also a nice guy. Can you talk shit about something or someone to contradict that statement?


¯\_()_/¯  and ¯\_()_/¯


5) Is there any defining quality of music you'll DJ at a party that distinguishes it from music you like?


Well, I have a lot of music that is "listening" or "headphone" music - experimental, improv and also stuff that just wouldn't work at the nights or places I play - sometimes I sneak in something that really was never intended for the dancefloor - Balanescu Quartet string versions of Kraftwerk for example played over house beats - but yeah dance music isn't all music, but I like odd juxtapositions. My favourite DJs are those that aren't stringently genre specific. I don't have a "sound" - it's just playing music that's both fun and taken seriously at the same time for good times. Anything goes. 



6) Why are you bringing Horse Meat Disco back to Shanghai? The previous gig wasn't enough?


Well, Horse Meat Disco have a monthly “residencies” at clubs in Berlin and Lisbon. Wouldn’t be awesome if they have a yearly or twice a year night in Shanghai? Baby steps. Plus, some people missed it last year and have been patiently waiting for the day to come again.


7) What would you say to people curious about this event but not a member of the LGBTQ community?


Horse Meat Disco is billed as "the queer party for everybody" - if anyone can't get down with that there plenty of other good stuff going on this weekend. 


8) Any chance we'll hear any of your original edits during your Horse Meat Disco set?


Maybe if you come to the Beijing show. Discosmic heavyweight’s Lindberg and YX are taking care of warm-up for the Shanghai show. Trust them; they consistently blow me away with their selection – Lindberg is a pretty big name in town. Opened for Axel Bowman recently. That’s big. YX is a Shanghainese guy who’s introduced me to some super obscure Chinese disco – almost italo sounding, sounding like they were made with cheap Casio keyboards. We keep talking about cleaning them up and making edits for club play. We’ll get around to it.

9) What other gigs do you have coming up? Is it true you’re changing your name for one night only when you DJ the Shanghai International Beer Festival (note that the author is the music director for it), as American Booze would be too limited for the proceedings?


No, I think DJ Indian Pale Ale was refused.


Things will be quiet for the rest of 2014, with only one or two gigs. And something new (or maybe revived) early next year.

10) How do you mend a broken heart?


Usual: Crying. Drinking. Camus. Play at Stockholm Syndrome in the depths of winter. Bang the acid.


11) Do you have a current favorite regular party or event currently happening in Shanghai?


My apartment every Wednesday morning after my ayi has visited – that’s my favourite event happening in Shanghai.


Santo Chino’s “The Same As It Ever Was” at Dada is a great party.



As a bonus, here are some bonus question and answers with the star of tonight's show himself, James Hilliard of Horse Meat Disco.



Please give 3 songs people in Shanghai will absolutely not hear you play during your set, and why.

You will definitely not hear anything top 40! The only 'Lucky' you're likely to hear will be the Donna Summer song from the amazing Bad Girls album. You wont hear Beyonce but i can assure you that you will hear some vintage divas that make Beyonce sound like an X Factor wannabe.

Please say something mean. I hate reality TV shows. Things like 'The Real Housewives' 'Jersey Shore' etc and other programmes where vile and hideous people are given a shed load of money and fame to be the 'worst' that humanity has to offer for our 'entertainment'. I just don't get any pleasure watching over privileged morons throwing wine in each others faces and i think people who do should probably be take out of the gene pool. Hows that for bitterness?

Is there any defining quality of music you'll DJ at a party? I'm not really a broad DJ. I try and avoid wherever possible to do gigs where i have to play music that i don't love. I got into DJing to share the music that I love, not to be a jukebox. There are plenty of clubs that play 'music to get drunk to with the girls from the office on friday night'. If the music doesn't move me then it feels like a fraud to play it. Although for the most part contemporary dance music doesn't do that much for me there are always exceptions to the rule and i'm happy to play anything, from any genre that gets my hips swinging!

Excited to be back in China? I had a great time last time I came to China so was excited to get invited back. I'd happily come more than once a year. I hope to do a bit more exploring this time.


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YinYang Festival - The Quest

by Tim Engel Thursday 18 September 2014

The YinYang Music Festival, black and white, west meets east, culture and fun collide, these are the aspects describing this one of a kind experience. Originally the brainchild of The Mansion, which I am sure all of you living here in Shanghai know or at least have heard about, it aimed to unite the best of both worlds to create the first international non-commercial festival in Mainland China.

Set on the Great Wall (literally!) it promised to bring together some of the very best Chinese and International artists known today – Dr. Lektroluv, Kamara, Dexter, just to name a few.


Lets see how this crazy experiment panned out shall we?


Location: Huang Ya Guan Great Wall in Tianjin near Beijing


Yin Stage: Day Time (on the Great Wall)

Yang Stage: Night Time (Main Stage in the Kung-Fu Arena in front of the Great Wall)

Line-up: 30 Djs from China and all over the world


Day 1 – September 5th and 6th:


Setting out from Shanghai, a bus of 50 valiant explorers left from People Square for this long yet incredible journey. They knew the road to awesomeness would be rough. As they encountered hunger, battled fog and boredom on the bus they fought back with fantastic music, alcohol and great conversations. Fortunately the scouts driving our wagon found regular oasis of civilization where our caravan of epicness could restock its supplies.

After a solid 24h trips these strong-willed travelers finally arrived at their final destination: the Great Wall in Tianjin near Beijing. One might think that they would have rested, yet arriving at this fantastic location gave them enough energy to rapidly settle in their quarters, grab a bite in the local tavern and head out for the first 6 hours of massive Djs on the Yang Stage. After this short period of fun, a complaint of some old nagging English travelers made our warriors go back to their resting place for the night, which all things considering wasn't bad considering the day lying ahead.

Day 2 – September 7th:


Today is the day, 1 location, 2 stages, 30 Djs, 27 hours of non-stop eargasmic pleasure. Starting from 10AM the first artists got their gear out and climbed the Great Wall in order to set up the Yin Stage; amazingly enough most people were already up by then. At day-time everybody went about their business, exploring the village, visiting the nearby temples & the Great Wall. The ones who took over the Yin stage on the Great Wall had the pleasure of dancing in front of countless groups of awed Chinese tourists who must have been wondering what the heck was going on here.

At sunset, everybody move from the Yin stage down to the Yang stage were, on top of great music, visual sets by VJ Ajeet & special guest Dr. Lektroluv would melt our eyes at sundown. All our fellow warriors who had spread throughout the local wilderness came back to us. Incredible stories of long lost histories and other adventures were shared around the bonfire.

Later that same night, or shall I rather say morning, we went back up on the Wall were the crowd rang the beginning of a new era of Western & Eastern understanding. Focusing exclusively on fun, each other and the bond we were creating, nobody paid attention to the great black abyss present on either side of us.


Day 3 – September 8th:


8AM, a good part of the people is still up and is now helping to dismantle the stages in order to erase any sign of our presence, and bring back this Chinese masterpiece of construction to its original state just the way we found when we first arrived. Memories were made, friendships forged and a new concept full of mutual cultural understanding & peace was born into this world.

Huge thanks to the Mansion team who made all this possible, to all of the Djs & Vjs who brought modern entertainment to one of China's most traditional locations and everybody who joined this mind-blowing trip. Special thanks also go to CityMoments for supporting the YinYang Festival and making sure everything got capture for eternity!


I believe the goal we embarked with on this quest has been achieved.

See you all at the next edition of the YinYang Music Festival!!!


Article & Pictures by Timothee Engel


Full album link:

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An Interview with !!! (Chk Chk Chk) frontman Nic Offer

by City Moments Thursday 28 August 2014

Thursday Nights Still Got It:
An Interview with !!! (Chk Chk Chk) frontman Nic Offer

By Brian Offenther

If you're the right age and from the right place, it was all about Thursday night at the Atlantic. $5 US cover, free beer from 9:30 to 10:30 pm, and skinny kids in tight jeans.

Oh, the jeans were tight. Not for me – I had integrity. But believe me, I was watching very hard, and I could tell.

From around the year 2000 to 2005-ish, every big city and hip university town worth its cobblestone had a Thursday night at The Atlantic: it was indie rock dance party. The place was packed sticky hot with lithe bodies, and they writhed to the stinging guitars and screaming vocals of Modest Mouse, The Rapture, and the band that's playing Shanghai this Thursday: !!! (Chk Chk Chk).

That zeitgeist might have dimmed, but that stuff is only a convenience anyway. Nostalgia is stupid and mostly worthless, and the good stuff lives on regardless. !!! (Chk Chk Chk) continues to this today, hitting the festival circuit hard and releasing music of quality. Surely, many fans who come to their show will come because of their latest release, 2003's Thri!!!er.

For others, like me (note: I'm also DJing the show, but don't worry, the pay sucks), ten years on, it will be making sure my Thursday nights still got it.

I e-mailed frontman Nic Offer some questions, and this is what he had to say about Miles Davis, Frankie Goes to Hollywood, and the place with the best dancers.


1)I'm considering bringing my 60 year Chinese apartment-mate to your Shanghai show. She's never heard of you guys. How can I describe the music and concert experience of a !!! (Chk Chk Chk) show to her?
Just tell her i wear shorts. Ladies love the shorts.


2)How has the current make-up of !!! effected how you approach making new material? Does it change the approach for playing old material on stage?
Each new member that has come into the band has changed the sound a bit, I think that's one of the reasons we've managed to stay fresh for so long. I suppose it has changed the old material a bit, but we don't really play so many old songs, so i've never really noticed.

3)In 2001 when you put out the debut !!! album, did you have in your mind that dance music would take over pop culture as much as it does today?
In a way, yes, i did. Dance music was fresh to me, and rock n' roll felt old and tired. I couldn't understand why rock n' roll was even still around. In another way, no I didn't, because in 2001 I didn't look more than a month ahead of time. Now i'm older, and i try to plan at least 2 months ahead of time.

4) lists you guys as covering “Relax” by Frankie Goes to Hollywood in Melbourne, Australia on February 10, 2011. What happened?
We played Frankie's hometown of Liverpool on Halloween, and we thought it would be fun to dress up as Frankie, and play “Relax.” Incidentally, a couple of us took a Beatles tour the next day, and the tour guide was Holly Johnson from FGTH's brother. He sent Holly a Youtube clip of us playing it, and Holly wrote us to say "What's up." Holly's a top geezer.


5)What place that you guys have played has the best dancers? What in particular gives them that distinction?
Spain. Nobody goes as hard as Spain. They get crazy.


6)I think my favorite tweet from your Twitter account is: “i'm miles davis and i'm here to say, i like fruity pebbles in a silent way (sp).” Do you have any more Miles Davis album title puns/children's cereal references you can share with our readers?
Wow, you really had to go far back to find that one. I'm impressed... i've given it a bit of thought, and that is the only Miles pun i have. Welllll, i did think of some stupid ones, but I'll leave those be. Miles is a pretty easy name to make up stupid puns to. I will say that the opening to his album On The Corner is one of my favorite beginnings to any album ever.

7)Tex Axile, who was in a band that I bet you dig, X-Ray Spex, recently moved to Shanghai. Do you have a question for him that I'll ask, and then write his response in this article?
What the hell are "plastic popper beads (note: from the X-Ray Spex song “I Can't Do Anything”).

Tex says:
A teenage girly necklace thing that was all the rage.

8)You guys call this tour a “punk dog tour.” Can you explain to readers what you mean by that.
Oh, it's just a silly expression we started a long time ago, that none of us can remember why we started saying it. Honestly, if i could remember what it came from i would tell you. You seem like a cool guy.

9)Also, this:
Nice one. I think my cats are pretty punk. They're always trying to dumpster dive.


10)Please choose a punk dog, and explain why. Here are some options: “Pet Cemetery” by The Ramones, “I Wanna Be Your Dog” by The Stooges, “C30, C60, C90, Go” By Bow Wow Wow, “Dog Eat Dog” by Adam & The Ants, The Cramps “Can Your Pussy Do The Dog?.”
I choose the Sonic Youth version of "I Wanna Be Your Dog." that one gets me every time. So killer. I also like Camper Van Beethoven "The Day That Lassie Went To The Moon," and Dead Milkmen "Watching Scotty Die."


11)I read in an interview with you saying: “We play better if the audience is giving us something. I don't know what it is. It's kind of a two-way thing. It's somehow reciprocal.” Besides dancing like crazy, is there anything else an audience can do to make for a good show?
Wear their dancing shoes and take off their underwear.


12)I couldn't find the interesting story about working with (Seirra Leone musician) Daddy Rhymes written in any detail on the Internet. It's hinted at here. Can you tell our readers about finding him, and what it was like to record with him?
I had bought a bunch of MP3s on a SIM card from this guy in the market, and he was playing me the songs and telling me what they were about and who and what the artists were like. I asked him what studios were like there, and he said his friend ran one of the biggest studios in Sierra Leone, and he could take me there. We went the next day, and it was a very small studio, with headphones that barely worked. I just hung out for awhile while Daddy Rhymes worked on a track, and i just started singing ideas and he liked them, so we finished the song together.

12)What makes for a good dance song?
The beat, duh. Come on, what was that? Some sort of trick question?


13)I'm DJing the show. Any requests?
Just don't play any dance rock. Play “2 On” by Tinashe.


14)”Do you believe in love?”
I have my doubts sometimes, but yes.


15)Doing a Thursday night gig in Shanghai means competing against some lady's nights, where girls get free drinks. Do you have a message to those ladies debating whether to go to their usual stomping?
Ummmmm, we have a new song called “Stomp,” and i think we're gonna play it. True story. But other than that, we're not an ordinary boring rock band, they won't get another chance to see a band like this for awhile. and it's certainly going to be a drag if there's only guys at the show.


Check out they event tonight @Mao Live House, all information is available here.

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Ying Yang Music Festival

by City Moments Wednesday 20 August 2014
















What's up Shanghai! Have you already heard about the upcoming YinYang Music Festival?

I surely hope so, it's will go down at the Great Wall (yes, the one and only!) in Beijing on the 6th, 7th and 8th of September. It is exactly at the same time as the moon festival, hence you will all be on holidays: No Work! Party Time! Link to event

=> It's a great occasion for a trip, for more details read our earlier introduction of the YinYang Music Festival.



To get you in your creativity and party mood on, the YinYang Music Festival crew is organizing several Pre Parties right here in Shanghai! Be there or be square ;-) 

When & Where will they take place?

@ D9 on Saturday August 23rd 

=> An exclusive opportunity to meet 14 of the 30 artists performing at the festival, as well as the organisers. Each one of them will lay down a 30min set so you can seek a peek at what's coming up. No cover charge so be sure to be there.

@ The Mansion on Friday August 29th 

=> The Mansion team is behind the YinYang Music Festival, thus you can be sure you will be able to see the same great alternative vibe. Join and experience the real YinYang Music Festival spirit one week early. 9 Djs and 11 hours of non-stop, non-commercial (obviously) electro music.

Cover 100Rmb including 5 drinks

@ Arkham on Thursday September 4th (event link) 

On September 4th, 1 day before the buses set off to Beijing, YinYang Music Festival is bringing 2 of the main acts to our favourite Underground Venue. Dr. Elektroluv & Kamara, from Belgium and the Netherlands respectively, will transform this rather spare location into an amazing visual & musical experience. Get ready to get your eyes and ears melted!

Tickets: 50Rmb presale, 80Rmb at the door



Last but not least, at the stroke of midnight, 5 lucky winners will walk away with free tickets to the festival.


 Yinyang Music Festival philosophy: 

- Affordable prices so everyone who loves music can join.

- Specific Music Selection: there will be NO showcase of commercial EDM

- Special location, which offers beautiful nature, ancient Great Wall, comfortable sleeping facilitates. This will be a festival that clearly feels as a Chinese Festival in China.

- A bridge between the west and the east: The festival is build on the first cooperation between underground music venues through China, and hosts special acts from Europe as well as the best Chinese and foreign artists China has to offer.

- Showcase of creative minds: the will be free market for creative people to show their masterpieces ands creative light and fire performances.

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Beijing Great Wall

STORM Music Festival - Shanghai

by City Moments Friday 15 November 2013

A Storm of electronic music is about to hit Shanghai with full force! 

A2Live is organizing the biggest EDM festival Shanghai has yet seen on the 16th and 22nd of November.

STORM Music Festival has a line-up that can compete with big festivals abroad including the Swedish pop duo Icona Pop, Axwell from Swedish House Mafia, Benni Benassi, Fedde le Grand, Headhunterz and many more… 


Make sure to join this one as it will be big!! 

Tickets are also available from





Saturday 16 November

Messier Stage

3.15pm Bottled in England

4.15pm Tenashar

5.15pm The Zombie Kids

6.15pm Cazzette

7.30pm Far East Movement

8.45pm Icona Pop (watch below)

9.30pm Benny Benassi


Markarian Stage

2.45pm Teddy Boy Kill

3.45pm Paris Hilton guest appearance

4pm Sekuoia

5pm Claptone

6pm Dillinja

7pm Afrika Bambaataa

8.30pm Etienne De Crecy


Friday 22 November

Messier Stage

2pm Smith Agent Smith

3.15pm DJ Fresh

4.30pm Headhunterz

5.45pm OM

6.05pm Zedd

7.20pm Fedde Le Grand

8.35pm No ID

9.30pm Axwell


Markarian Stage

2pm R3

3.30pm Kite

4.30pm Compuphonic

5.45pm Spectrasoul

7pm Don Diablo

8.45pm Jay Sean (watch below)


Festival Details

Admission 380RMB/day (until November 1); 580RMB/day (presale); 680RMB/day (on the door); 980RMB/two-day pass (from November 1)

Phone 400 882 1190

Date 16 Nov , 22 Nov

Time 1pm-11pm




Venue Details

Metro Longhua Zhong Lu

English address Xuhui Riverside Public Open Space, Dongan Lu, near Longteng Avenue, Xuhui district

Chinese address 汇区东安路龙腾大道

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Interview with CASSIUS

by City Moments Wednesday 25 September 2013

We love the whole Ed Banger crew, the last ones we brought were Feadz & Kito last year, how do you feel the french electro scene is going/evolving?



This is your first time coming to China - are you excited to come play in Shanghai? What do you expect from your trip?



If you had to choose: Sting or Eric Clapton?



From MC Solaar's albums to Cassius 99 to "I Love U So" you have explored into many music genres.. What are you into these days, and what do you like to play most during your sets?



What's the most stupid question a journalist ever asked you?



You've said before that "usually if we do 10 gigs, there are two which are really great, seven which are ok and one very bad."We're hoping that you get the 8 ok and bad ones before arriving in China and that we rock Shanghai with you!



THANKS and we are looking forward seeing you Saturday at Arkham!




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Interview with DJ Verse@ille

by David Lazarowicz Tuesday 17 September 2013

Where are you originally from and how come you are in Shanghai now?

I was born in Cape Town South Africa & i moved to Shanghai in 2010 to work at the World Expo (South African Pavilion) Sigh... Good times...


When did you start DJ’ing and why did you start in the first place?

I was 1st introduced to the dj scene by a friend who was playing in a club in Cape Town... This was in 1999! Watching the way he controlled the crowd with his music & seeing how much fun it was i knew this was something that i would LOVE to do. I initially started just for fun & never imagined it would take me to so many places one day.


How do you describe your style of music and in what way did it change/evolve over the years?

I think my name best describes my style of music...Verse@ille pronounced Versatile (fyi), as i LOVE playing different genres of music & i like incorporating different mixing techniques to odd genres.It has evolved drastically over the almost 14 years i have been playing for... I used to be what some might call a 'purist', only playing hip hop on turntables. But travelling to & living in different countries (England, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Australia, USA, Malaysia ect). Seeing what other countries were getting down to & being influenced by djs from other countries, how could i NOT change. Music like everything else, evolves & changes too.

I like to think of myself as an educator... I think that it's every 'REAL DJ's' job... To educate listeners about more than just the popular stuff. So how i have evolved is i'm always researching new – sub genres & incorporating other genres into my sets... So people can listen to what else is going on in the music world.


How do you see the nightlife scene here (from behind the decks instead of from the bar) and do you think you have some kind of influence on it?

It's massive! Multi million yuan a year industry... since there is not that much else to do in Shanghai other than shopping & eating. But i think it's too Electro / House music influenced & for the amount of people there are in Shanghai you'd think there would be more variety. Hey, don't get me wrong... I LOVE me some Afro / Funky / Deep house music but i think lots of other genres are under represented. I would like to think i have some kind of influence on it. Like i said i am always pushing different genres (moombahton, Trap, Twerk ect) via festivals & my radio shows & recently i have had a nice run doing beach parties in Shanghai & other parts of china where i can be a bit more experimental.

Also my latest concept 'In the Trap' is all about pushing Trap & other bass music... & it's been quite well received. I have already done 5 events in 2 cities & have 2 Radio shows (Udance & Beatspot).


What do you think of Chinese clubs with no dance floor and massive table arrangements?

I'll be lying if i said i'm a fan of it. But I think it's makes sense from a business perspective to charge for people to 'ball out' at tables. It's just very frustrating for me as a dj trying to educate the audience with different genres & trying to put on a show just to have people sitting in their tables & not dancing.


Hottest club in town is…?

Next question. HAHA!


Where do you go to party if you don’t spin?

I don't go partying at all. I might go see a fellow dj friend playing somewhere or if there is a special event or an international dj in town i might venture out. But very rarely.


What was/is the hottest party of the summer?

It has to be Midi Festival... Rocking about 3000 people going HAM to Trap! One of my top 5 gigs of all time! It was incredible! Looking forward to the next one!


Besides DJ’ing, do you do anything else worth mentioning?

I have started a little organization called MAD (Making A Difference) doing different events at different venues raising funds for & awareness of different charities both here in China & abroad. I have always been passionate about working with people & incorporating my 2 passions (music & helping others) in one is AMAZING! Pardon the shameless plug... But check out MAD's facebook & weibo & support! |


When traveling to a gig – what’s in your suitcase?

The usual; laptop, serato, skullcandy headphone, camera, few changes of clothes, raised in china snapbacks. Also blank cds (learnt my lesson... long story) & snacks (love me some skittles or dried mangos).



Thanks for the interview! and see you at some of the clubs in or around Shanghai.









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