YinYang Festival - The Quest

by Tim Engel Thursday 18 September 2014

The YinYang Music Festival, black and white, west meets east, culture and fun collide, these are the aspects describing this one of a kind experience. Originally the brainchild of The Mansion, which I am sure all of you living here in Shanghai know or at least have heard about, it aimed to unite the best of both worlds to create the first international non-commercial festival in Mainland China.

Set on the Great Wall (literally!) it promised to bring together some of the very best Chinese and International artists known today – Dr. Lektroluv, Kamara, Dexter, just to name a few.


Lets see how this crazy experiment panned out shall we?


Location: Huang Ya Guan Great Wall in Tianjin near Beijing


Yin Stage: Day Time (on the Great Wall)

Yang Stage: Night Time (Main Stage in the Kung-Fu Arena in front of the Great Wall)

Line-up: 30 Djs from China and all over the world


Day 1 – September 5th and 6th:


Setting out from Shanghai, a bus of 50 valiant explorers left from People Square for this long yet incredible journey. They knew the road to awesomeness would be rough. As they encountered hunger, battled fog and boredom on the bus they fought back with fantastic music, alcohol and great conversations. Fortunately the scouts driving our wagon found regular oasis of civilization where our caravan of epicness could restock its supplies.

After a solid 24h trips these strong-willed travelers finally arrived at their final destination: the Great Wall in Tianjin near Beijing. One might think that they would have rested, yet arriving at this fantastic location gave them enough energy to rapidly settle in their quarters, grab a bite in the local tavern and head out for the first 6 hours of massive Djs on the Yang Stage. After this short period of fun, a complaint of some old nagging English travelers made our warriors go back to their resting place for the night, which all things considering wasn't bad considering the day lying ahead.

Day 2 – September 7th:


Today is the day, 1 location, 2 stages, 30 Djs, 27 hours of non-stop eargasmic pleasure. Starting from 10AM the first artists got their gear out and climbed the Great Wall in order to set up the Yin Stage; amazingly enough most people were already up by then. At day-time everybody went about their business, exploring the village, visiting the nearby temples & the Great Wall. The ones who took over the Yin stage on the Great Wall had the pleasure of dancing in front of countless groups of awed Chinese tourists who must have been wondering what the heck was going on here.

At sunset, everybody move from the Yin stage down to the Yang stage were, on top of great music, visual sets by VJ Ajeet & special guest Dr. Lektroluv would melt our eyes at sundown. All our fellow warriors who had spread throughout the local wilderness came back to us. Incredible stories of long lost histories and other adventures were shared around the bonfire.

Later that same night, or shall I rather say morning, we went back up on the Wall were the crowd rang the beginning of a new era of Western & Eastern understanding. Focusing exclusively on fun, each other and the bond we were creating, nobody paid attention to the great black abyss present on either side of us.


Day 3 – September 8th:


8AM, a good part of the people is still up and is now helping to dismantle the stages in order to erase any sign of our presence, and bring back this Chinese masterpiece of construction to its original state just the way we found when we first arrived. Memories were made, friendships forged and a new concept full of mutual cultural understanding & peace was born into this world.

Huge thanks to the Mansion team who made all this possible, to all of the Djs & Vjs who brought modern entertainment to one of China's most traditional locations and everybody who joined this mind-blowing trip. Special thanks also go to CityMoments for supporting the YinYang Festival and making sure everything got capture for eternity!


I believe the goal we embarked with on this quest has been achieved.

See you all at the next edition of the YinYang Music Festival!!!


Article & Pictures by Timothee Engel


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