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by City Moments Tuesday 20 December 2011
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Experimental, young and very fresh in the music industry, the Belgian duo, "Mumbai Science" (Maarten Elen & Jonas Kiesekoms), opened a whole new window  to the scene. Mumbai Science is not your typical DJ/Producer, but their funky beat, a mash of indie & electro genre will put you into a trance and coming back for more!!

You might be wondering about the talents behind such amazing music concoctions, look no further, CM had the pleasure of a squeezing a little information out of the fantastic duo and we are gonna share it with you! 
CM: You’re experimental psychologists.  What does that mean?  Do your day jobs impact or inspire your music?
J: Basically we examine why, how and when people buy certain products. For instance, why Maarten has such a hard time picking a toothpaste out of an assortment of 30 different toothpastes.
M: hah, yeah call me when you have a solution to that. I think we sometimes do try to take the same approach with our DJ sets, trying to analyse why some tracks work better than others. But with these things it’s always best to follow your gut instead of overthinking it. Just going with the flow provides us with the best results.
CM: Break it down for us: why is driving electro-techno so fun to dance to?
M: It appeals to the body! Our sets have a straightforward techno groove, a neverending 4/4 beat that gets the crowd in a natural high.
J: Without ever going to deep. We keep it interesting by using electro melodies to get people excited!
CM: What’s your chemistry like in the studio?
M: We've been friends for years so we almost know what the other one is thinking.
J: Yeah I know perfectly when it's time to get Maarten a new cup of coffee. It helps him to make better tracks.
CM: You’ve said before that you don’t plan your sets . . . do you fight over tracks to play?   What would we hear you two saying if we were next to you in the DJ booth?
M: We rarely have heavy discussions. I think we’re lucky that we’re almost always on the same page. Not only during our sets, but also in the studio and even beyond.
J:  If you’d come eavesdropping, you’d probably hear us chanting along with the tracks or yelling at random people to refill our drinks (laughs).
CM: What’s one track you can’t get enough of playing?
J: Right now, I totally adore TWR72’s stuff. It’s so techno-ish but still sexy. For instance, their ‘ Jhon Lord Fonda - what’s going on’ remix. You can play that track anywhere, at any time and people will be dancing and grooving.
CM: You guys dance.  Any dancefloor moments that stick out in your head, or inspired you a lot?  Favorite dance moves?
M: I remember an ed banger night in my hometown, Louvain. That was five years ago or so. I’ve never experienced a vibe like that. Needless to say that it inspired me a lot. I try different dance moves but my favorite is still the crotch grab inspired by Michael Jackson.
J: The first time I saw Boys Noize at pukkelpop. Also five years ago I think. How I danced! My legs still hurt a little when I think of that day.
CM: What is “HURB”?
M: Hah, Hurb is a word we invented while we were on the road together with Jochen and Vincent from sound of stereo. It stands for the things in life that are too awesome for words. Except for one word: Hurb.
J: Act with caution when expressing the H-word though. It must only be used by those worthy of the Hurb.
CM: How come you changed your name from Project Cyborg to Mumbai Science, and what is the meaning of Mumbai Science?
J: It was time for a new chapter in our lives. Our music changed, we just signed with lektroluv rec and, in a way, we wanted to start over again.
M: The ‘science’ part comes from our profession at that time. The ‘Mumbai’ part expresses our interest in mysterious cultures we hear so much talking about, but know so little about. Actually, at one point we thought about the name ‘Shanghai Science’, but it has to much ‘s’-sounds in it (laughs).
CM: What do you sing in the shower?
M: Frank Sinatra - my way.
J: Barry White - let the music play.
CM: Have you ever performed in Asia before?  If so, do you think the Asian crowd reacts differently to your music?
J: We have never been to Asia before!
M: But we've heard some amazing stories! We are really looking forward
CM: Which one of your remixes you spent the most time on? Have artists ever given you surprising feedback?
M: I think we spent the most time on the Mixhell - Antigalactic remix. We wanted it to be a peaktime track, which is for us the most difficult to make. We’re also real perfectionists, so it takes us a long time to finish anything anyway.
J: The weirdest feedback I ever got was from Tiga on our ‘burning down’ edit. We played together in Miami and I asked him what he thought about the edit. He told me he totally hated it, then he paused for a second, after which he continued and admitted he’d hated it at first, but now loved it and played it a lot in his sets. Till date I’m not sure he meant that or just tried to mess with my emotions.
CM: Are you single? (question from our female fans..)
M: Sorry ladies, I’m off the market. We can still be friends though.
J: No comment!
CM: What’s always in your suitcase on tour?
M: Vitamin supplements. Especially useful to survive the fastfood on US tours.
J:  Earplugs,hair gel, and my diary.
CM: What’s your favorite ice cream flavor?
J: Definitely Straciatella, which is basically just vanilla with some pieces of chocolate in it!
M: Aw man, whenever I have to choose between ice cream flavors, I totally collapse. I’m the guy that takes half an hour to decide which one to pick. Right now I would say... mm... Vanilla .. or no wait.. Coffee ... or cookie-dough!! Do they serve ferrero rocher ice cream? ...
J: ow god.
"Gold", "Ancova" & "Woof" are a few of their many insane tracks, so be sure to check them out at our NYE MASSIVE!!!

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