Bustin' Moves with Jay Sebag & DJ Sugarstarr

by Sasha Peakall Tuesday 06 December 2011
Jay sebag & sugarstarr

The Shanghai party scene is far more well known for its obsession with Lady Gaga and Justin Beiber then for its appreciation of house and techno music but slowly its changing one City Moments party at a time! 

This past Friday clearly after hearing the desperate cry's of expats in Shanghai yearning for some new music, City Moments brought a little piece of the European house scene to Shanghai! Two awesome European acts DJ Sugarstarr of Syke'n'Sugarstarr and vocalist Jay Seabag most well known for his collaborations with Martin Solvig got the party pumping at Zeal on the Bund.
What could be better? Two of some of the most well known names in house music in a prime location on the bund looking out over the stunning Shanghai Pudong skyline. Oh yeah and it was free which makes it better.  That is of course if you were an early bird and slipped in before 11pm which me being the cheap person I am was there at 10:55 on the dot to enjoy the view and chat with friends before the party kicked off.  And when it kicked off it really kicked off! The crowd at Zeal sure knew how to party. 
The crowd was young, stylish and drinking and dancing their butts off.  In fact I would say judging by the interpretive dancemoves that were being busted out on the dancefloor most of the crowd had enjoyed many of the very good Long Island Ice Tea's! 
People were getting wacky, shaking their butts, waving there arms in the air in some kind of jellyfish/octopus moves, there were gallopers taking up meter's of space with their horse inspired moves. And me, well I was trying to shed my Chinese influenced moves that I had picked up in a year of going to Chinese nightclubs!  The entire room including me was dancing intoxicated by the music!
And boy was the music good! When Jay Sebag hit the stage the crowd went wild.  With his sweet, sexy and soulful vocals set off by the funky techno beats of DJ Sugarstarr every one was feeling the soul and swinging their hips. 
And it wasn't just the crowd! Jay Sebag sure knows how to dance and perform! To top that all off he was flanked by two sexy girl dancer's doing moves that had the whole room thinking ooooh lala and everyone of the guys eyes glued to their swinging hips and thrusting chests! 
After a short 30 minute set Jay Seabag rested his vocals and all the attention turned to DJ Sugarstarr.  This guy sure knows how to DJ, mixing house and techno beats with soulful tunes and even what sounded like Cossack music. But where were the Cossak dancers? No one was quite game enough to tackle those kinds of moves!
By the time Jay Sebag came on stage again with his dancer's who had changed into even more dazzling, sparkly outfits the crowd was visibly more hyped up and enthusiastic. This night was only just beginning! And into the morning it went!...
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What's new on City Moments??

by nicola tan Wednesday 23 November 2011
Shanghai novice

 Hi City Dwellers,

 How have you all been? Since CM turned 3, we have decided to add a little sugar and spice to you! Needless to say, our events will only get crazier, so stay tuned for our events this last quarter of 2011!
What else is new, you might ask? Well, this year, we have decided to bring a breath of fresh air to City Talk:
A previously aspiring Usher back up dancer, who then realised after a couple of Hip Hop dance classes she might be better off doing something else, Sasha from Shanghai Novice (you might've heard of her), known for her witty humour and bold blogging skills, her stories never fail to entertain and leave you in tears of laughter. This young and sassy Aussie will bring us through her interesting experiences in Shanghai, be it partying or any other aspects of her life.  
Watch out for her first entry coming up this week! And don't forget to join DJ SUGARSTARR n JAY SEBAG this Friday, 25th November @ Zeal! 

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Interview with Jay Sebag "Voice of Martin Solveig" & DJ Sugarstarr

by City Moments Thursday 17 November 2011
Jay sebag 101

Formally known as Jerome (Jay) Sebag, the multi-talented French singer, songwriter, arranger and piano player from Paris started off his music career at a young age, venturing into USA to seek new inspirations for his music. Jay has worked with many famous producers and artists such as DJ Yass, and percussionist & producer Arno Lucas, who has worked with artists such as Stevie Wonder & Gladys Knight. 

Jay Sebag has also been nicknamed "The Voice of Martin Solveig". Together, they have produced one of the most rockin' and upbeat tunes that shot to fame almost instantly. "C'est La Vie", "Something Better" & "Rejection", amongst many other tracks. 

When being interviewed, Jay Sebag displayed such passion & joy for his work:


CM: You have worked with many different DJs and artists. Is there any particular DJ/artist you look up to and would like to work with?

Jay: My schedule is so hot that i'm happy with it right now!! but i do like the work of Fedde Le Grand for his Phat sound and his funkyness. Bob Sinclar for his crazy ideas too!


CM: I’m sure I’m not the first person to tell you that you have a very unique singing voice. When and how did you realize you could sing like that?

Jay: Thanks a lot still! I started when i was 19 but it's a long process to find your own style and to develop your skills...i'd say 10 years!


CM: You’ve been known famously as “The Voice of Martin Solveig”, but now you have ventured out into collaborations with other DJs, do you still stay in close contact with Martin? What was it like working together?

Jay: We're still friends of course but we're both busy so it's been a while we haven't hung. All the sessions, tv shows, touring, clubbing, were a lot of fun. He's a very serious and organized dj-producer-businessman , but when it's time to play, perform, it can turn to the craziest kindergarten with this guy!!!


CM: Most artists have known that they wanted to be in the music industry at a very young age. Have you always wanted to be a singer? If so, who inspired you to purchase this field and genre of music? If not, what were your other aspirations?

Jay: Well i was a bit more late than that...I wanted to be a veterinary!!! Even when i started my first gigs at the age of 19, i was still a student so i was seeing it as a job on the side...but at that point it shortly became clear that i was meant for music. That's when i got deeper in soul music, with the master of all time Stevie Wonder.


CM: After performing in so many places, do you still remember the craziest fan experience you ever had?

Jay: Hard to tell: crazy girls trying to touch my feet while on stage, others willing to take me home....nothing to brag about!


CM: Your latest hit with Syke n Sugarstarr, ‘Like That Sound’, was an amazing track that rose very quickly on the UK charts. How did you guys get together, since you are in different countries? Was it difficult working together due to the distance?

Jay: The clubbing scene is n international business , that's the magic. First, we heard from each other thru a common belgian agent, then we played together in Moscow...we liked each other's sound, obviously, so i flew to Hambourg, only 1:30 from Paris... simple, easy! It's possible to work from Paris to Japan or to Australia (i've done it, i can testify), but the vibes, the exchange of energy and therefore the result at the end is so much better, more better when we get together in person and share a magic moment of music.


CM: Have you ever had the fear of a lukewarm spirited crowd or a bad turnout? What do you do in such situation?

Jay: Indeed i do fear this...and it did happen more than once!! Most of the time, we're having a great time with the audience though. I learnt to accept that when the audience is cold, it has nothing to do with me: i'm doing my job which is to give 100% energy, spread out Love, feeling happy so i can make them feel happy; if they don't want to take it, because they're stuck up, because it's an upscale club, because of the local culture-whatever-, it's not my problem.......but you still can't help but hurt a little!!!!!!


CM: After performing in so many different cities, which city do you think has left you with the best impression of its party crowd & ambience?

Jay: Sydney, Australia was really cool, but as far as the dedication of my audience, i'd place eastern Europe first (Russia, Poland, Lithuania, Ukraine)...not all the time, but some were memorable because they're really into singers over there. I can't wait to play in China: new experience with a new public which i heard is amazing!


CM: After working with so many different artists, I am sure you must have encountered situations where both parties don’t agree. How do you usually deal with such occurrences?

Jay: Always! But it's only on details matters: structure, chords...we're still managed to think thru, give our arguments, and decide who's closer to the truth; in the bottom, if we're here together, it means that we have a vision in common so we work it out.


CM: Thanks for taking your time out for this interview, Jay. Do you have any word of advice for your fans out there?

Jay: Listen to all kinds of music, don't get specialized in one thing, that's the first step of narrow-mindedness. Work hard on your shit, it's not gonna happen in 2 weeks. Believe in your originality, don't let yourself tempted by copying an artist you love or a stream: it's already out there we don't need one more!


With Jay's talent & rising fame in the music industry, it was only a matter of time that the fantastic duo DJ Syke n Sugarstarr and Jay Sebag decided to work together. Hitting it off, the partners created new songs such as  "Like That Sound", which rose very quickly in the UK charts. 
DJs Syke n Sugarstarr are a unique DJ duo from Germany, and you can be guaranteed that they only bring the most freshest tunes to the dancefloor. They have produced so many successful hits over the years such as "No Love Lost" and "Ticket 2 Ride" which were included in their recent album "Best of" album from 2010. Having such great hits, the duo have performed in over 30 countries all over the world, doing 90 over performances in the previous year alone. The DJs also have a radio show, "Do The Hip!", that has been going on for the past few years, being aired globally in over 65FMs. 
However, despite their busy schedules, Sugarstarr managed to squeeze in a little time for us...
CM: After so many collaborations with other artists, are you looking to work with any particular artists in the near future?
Sugarstarr: There are definitely some names in the music-biz we’d love to work with. But instead of collaborating with other DJ-artists we are more into working together with vocalists and musicians such as Lenny Kravitz or this kind of caliber. ;-)  After there’s no more R&B artist left we could imagine to work with we have to look out for something big in other genres. ;-)  But to be honest we surely have something in the pipeline for the next months. We’ll do more tracks with Jay Sebag, CeCe Rogers, Rasmus Faber as well as with Catraz, a british Hip-Hop artist who’s massively hyped by BBC at the moment.  
CM: ‘Sugarstarr’ is a very interesting name for DJ, what inspired such a name? 
Sugarstarr: When I was DJing in the local area of Hamburg in the mid 90s somebody was calling me Sugardaddy….but as I was not feeling that old,  I  slightly modified the name… ;-)  
CM: You have performed in many cities before, have you performed in Shanghai before? What have you heard about Shanghai so far that you would be most keen on checking out while you are here? 
Sugarstarr: It’s my very first time in China…I was just performing in Hongkong some time ago. I heard Shanghai is a massive city with a huge international crowd and ready for having the best party ever. But I also wanna enjoy the city in general and will def do some sightseeing and stuff. Can’t wait to see the colourful life Shanghai has to offer. 
CM: It is always ‘Syke n Sugarstarr’, but what are you guys like individually? Who’s the more serious one of the two? 
Sugarstarr: It’s still Syke’n’Sugarstarr. But as my partner Syke is more the guy in the studio and I’m more the DJ-part of the duo it’s me touring most of the time. And - as you can imagine - the DJ is always the one who’s a bit less serious. But – I’m also able to read a book or eat with knife and fork….lol

CM: After performing countless times, which performance has been the most memorable for you? (Crowd spirit and ambience) Do you remember having any crazy encounters with fanatics? 
Sugarstarr: I always love to get back into one story that happened a couple of years ago. We have been performing in Zagreb, the capitol city of Croatia. An hour before the gig the promoter was telling us that we’ll be flying in by a helicopter directly infront of the club which happened so… What we didn’t know – that the police stopped the whole traffic in the surrounding streets. 50 press-people with cameras were waiting for us and 20 security guards  escorted us to the DJ-booth…I was just thinking: “Hey we are not the Stones…”…crazy Croatians… ;-)
CM: Having started at such a young age, have you ever gotten tired of the music industry and felt like you wanted to try something else instead? 
Sugarstarr: Never. When I started DJing back in 1988 it was like a big dream come true and it lasts until now. Due to the musical change that happened during all the years it never gets boring. And when I don’t like the current sound I have always the chance to step back in time and listen to some real classics. 
CM: You also have a radio show, “Do The Hip!” right? Is it stressful having to need to create new music all the time and concurrently come up with new materials for your weekly radio show? 
Sugarstarr: Sometimes it’s hard to select some fresh and qualitative stuff every week to keep up the quality of the show, but in the end I found a way to combine the hottest new bits with some recent tunes. And the reactions are brillant . 
CM: What is it like working with Jay Sebag? He has a very unique singing voice; did that affect the way you created your music? 

Sugarstarr: Yeah. Due to the fact that Jay is not a typical Housemusic-Vocalist he brings us back to funky and jazzy music which is a very positive thing. When hanging out with him in the studio it’s always creating some “real” music. As he’s also an excellent piano-player combined with our skills of programming the music it’s a very fruitful  creative process that’s going on. 
CM: What are your plans for your music for next year? Do you think you will venture towards another direction in this industry anytime soon? 
Sugarstarr: We def wanna touch other styles as well while coming out under various new monikers. A kind of channelizing that we’re planning. But - our main project Syke’n’Sugarstarr will still tend to the more commercial Bigroom-Sound as it is known for many years now. 
CM: Thank you for taking time off your busy schedule for this interview. Just one last quick question, will there be any new and upcoming fresh tracks at Zeal this time round for our Shanghai crowd?
Sugarstarr: Not just only one. I have a bunch of brandnew tunes that I’ll play at the Zeal for the first time. So the Shanghai crowd can witness what Syke’n’Sugarstarr will release in 2012. ;-) Watch out !!!
Be sure to catch the fun filled and exciting performance at Zeal next Friday, 25th November!!

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