SPOTLIGHT Interview: Kafe.Hu

by Tim Engel Thursday 13 November 2014
Kafe hu



Kafe.Hu gave CityMoments an exclusive interview. Get the latest insights into his career and see him live this Saturday at SPOTLIGHT Vol.2 @Kulou.




What’s your first memory of hip hop?
您对Hip Hop最初的记忆是什么?

It's very different from Pop music and it attracts me instantly.
新的音乐 和以前听的流行歌不一样 更吸引我

When did you start performing? What prompted you to start recording?

It was many years ago I only remember that my performance wasn't great and for me it's meaningless at the time. Later on, I was basically going with the flow recording everyone song I wrote for fun.
很多年前了 就是可以表演便表演了 只记得那时不是太好 也没有什么深刻的意义录歌的话 就是比较顺理成章了 我写了歌 便要录出来 。

How’s the hip hop scene In Chengdu? Are you connected much to Shanghai’s hip hop, like Al Rocco, etc?
Hip Hop在成都的情况怎么样? 您跟上海的Hip Hop相关联吗,例如 Al Rocca,等等?

Positively speaking, I think Hip Hop in Chengdu is still growing. Thankfully, as a small community we've gotten a lot of support from the locals especially students, most of them they are willing to pay and come to our live shows, as well as following us online.
Frankly, I don't think my style is connected much  to Shanghai's hip hop, since I barely got the chance to exchange ideas with the rappers in Shanghai. Of course, if I get the chance, it's my pleasure to be friends with the rappers there.
Oh by the way, CHA CHA and Wino Willy live in Shanghai that might help with the connection.
HIPHOP在成都的情况总体上来说是比较乐观的 有很多人支持 也会愿意买票看现场 尽管学生居多。
说到这个 我觉得自己并没有和上海的HIPHOP有什么关联 也不太了解上海的HIPHOP是怎么样的 我很少有机会和这个城市的RAPPER们交流 如果有机会的话 我愿意和聊得来的RAPPER交朋友。
哦对了。  CHA CHA和 Wino Willy住在上海 这算有一点关联 。

Why did you decide to name your 2013 release “The Guy?”
为什么决定给您2013年发布的专辑命名《The Guy》?

Haha I actually explained a bit referring to this in my album. If most of the rappers would like to call themselves the King, then I would like to call myself the Guy. To name it with different terms, it was just my first thoughts when I was recording the album. But now I think it really is everyone's freedom to decide whether or not to call themselves the King, and it's always a good thing when you have confidence on yourself.
哈哈 记得专辑里面说过 那段录音是到现在为止我最后一次主动让THC进入呼吸管道了 那种状态很好笑 所以我说了些废话 如果很多RAPPER愿意叫自己“THE KING"的话 那我想叫自己”THE GUY" 反正需要和别人有点不一样吧。
当时的想法是这样的  而现在 我觉得叫不叫自己“KING”是每个人的自由 对自己的能力有自信的话 是非常好的一件事 。

Can you explain a little bit about the two main producers you use, Eddie and Wino Willy?
能简略的为我们介绍一下您的两位制作人,Eddie 和 Wino Willy吗?

I always say Eddie is a genius. Honestly, it's not easy for me to "compliment" him because we met each other long time ago and became really good friends after since. He is like a brother to me. Haha He is unique, not only in terms of music, but also personality, he is a very flexible person, natural and unrestrained. From my perspective, I admire his attitude towards life!
As for Wino Willy, we call him Mr. Wang's Got Talent. He named it himself actually. It's a quite fierce name for a black guy from Atlanta! I knew Wino Willy because of CHA CHA, his music has given me a lot of inspiration but I've never met him in person. I am looking forward to meet CHA CHA in the future.
很好啊!ED是天才我一直这样说 我们认识了很久 很熟 也因为太熟  以至于我不知道怎么去具体地“赞美”他 哈哈 总而言之 很特别 不管音乐还是性格 是个弹性很大的人 在我的生活范畴里 我觉得这样的人很潇洒!
Wino Willy 我更愿意叫他“王有才” 这个名字是他自己取的 对于一个来自亚特兰大的黑人哥们儿来说 这名字太凶了!因为CHA CHA我和他认识 他的音乐有一部分很吸引以及启发我 我们没有见过面 很希望有机会和他做真正的好朋友

Your music generally has a  more chill vibe, like A Tribe Called Quest or De La Soul. DO you ever get pushed to make more club-friendly faire?
您的音乐通常给人更轻松的感觉, 比如A Tribe Called Quest 或 De La Soul。您曾经有被迫尝试过夜店里更受欢迎的主流音乐吗?

Of course I tried!  I used to do freestyle at the club. However, on the stage I am being ignored, no one cares about what I am doing, and I swear, it doesn't feel very pleasant at all. But later on, these experiences became a part of me, it gives me inspiration, and made me become who I am today. For that, I have nothing to complain about. It's just that it helps me make up my mind and stick to what I am doing today.
For me, I don't like being labeled. Right now my music might be chilled, but in the future I'm definitely willing to make it different.
当然啊!我曾经也在夜店里面即兴演出过 那种感觉很特别 台下很混乱 他们好像不是很在乎你在干什么 有一种自己是下酒菜的感觉 我保证!当时很不爽!但后来这些感觉竟也成为了我灵感来源的一部分 对于这个 我没有什么好抱怨的 只是不愿意再去干那种工作了。
对于音乐更轻松的感觉 我可以多说一点吗?如果觉得太啰嗦的话 也可以删了它 是这样的 我总以为 这是听众们对我这个人的错觉吗?
我 有点不喜欢被归类于一个框架里 如果大家希望KAFE HU一直是这样的感觉我觉得新专辑会让抱有这类期望的朋友们失去部分兴趣为了能满足自己对音乐的一些特殊爱好新专辑我开始为自己做音乐也请了一些朋友来帮 忙我希望更丰富的编配出现在自己的音乐里 所以它可能不是特别轻松了 。
以往的“轻松” 也包含了制作人的因素在里面。

If there was one rap song by someone else you wish you could write, what would it be?

Not yet, I think everyone has their own style, so u know, if I am trying to be someone else, it still works, but it's definitely gonna be time consuming and on the top of that, it's meaningless for me.
Of course, I've followed a lot of other artists trying to learn from their work and secretly craving that same kind of feeling I might also create. It just...sorry I don't have a good answer for this question.
没有 我觉得每个人都有属于自己的独特气质 所以我知道 要去靠近另一个人的风格 不是不行 只不过是过程太漫长且不具有意义了。
当然!我也从很多音乐艺术家的作品里学习甚至窥探到自己也许很希望到达的某种感觉 只不过和具体形式没有太大关系罢了 对不起我回答不好这个问题。

How would you like expats in China to approach your music?

Let them hear my voice.

What would you say to a rapper who wants to come to the Spotlight show in Saturday and battle you?

No need to battle. Let's have a drink together!
不要吧  我们还是去喝杯饮料吃个蛋挞慢慢聊怎么样?



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