SONIC SHANGHAI - Music Festival

by David Lazarowicz Tuesday 13 August 2013

Sonic Shanghai Music Festival is almost here! The iconic festival from Japan is launching its debute in Shanghai on the 17th and 18th of August! The festival will happen in the Shanghai Stadium and Shanghai Indoor Stadium in Xuhui. Headliners include nu-metal band Korn, Limp Bizkit, Kei J-popper Miyavi, Li Quan and Black Panther. Make sure not to miss out on this first-timer and be prepered for a great show! Drink sponsor Bacardi will assure that you won't leave the place thirsty! 

See the full line-up below.

Unbeatable Stage line-up: Saturday 17
3.30pm Miserable Faith
4.50pm Li Quan
6.10pm Han Geng
7.30pm Aska Yang
9pm Korn

Unbeatable Stage line-up: Sunday 18
3.30pm Perdel (Escape Plan)
4.50pm Mavis Fan
6.10pm Black Panther
7.30pm Faith Yang
9.00pm  Limp Bizkit
Sonic Stage line-up: Saturday 17
4.30pm Residence A
5.20pm Mr Chelonian
6.10pm CMCB
7.10pm Tomahawk
8.10pm Longshendao
Sonic Stage line-up: Sunday 18
4.30pm Gear Eraser
5.20pm Tongxin
6.10pm Liquid Oxygen
7.10pm Da Bang (formerly Bigger Bang)
8.10pm Reflector
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