7 Questions - 1 De La Crem

by City Moments Friday 23 March 2012

A UK and International DJ for the past 14 years,Dela Crem is known for his extremelylively and energetic DJ style and for being a big crowd pleaser, thus earning a title of Best DJ in the Balearics.


Havin played for crowds ranging from 200 to 3000 and alongside DJacts like Carl Cox and Judge Jules, to Dave Pearce and Swedish House Mafia, has given him a unique ability and confidence to perform at any level.Dela Crem’s mixing has taken him from his native UK through Spain andThailand all the way to China, wherehe will be a special guest DJ throughout March 2012 at The Geisha and The Apartment.
7 Questions - 1 De La Crem
1) De La Crem, if you allow us to call u like that, you've been here for 3 weeks now, how is your Shanghai experience so far?
Of course you can call me that.yeah i have loved every minute of it here so far, shanghai is such an exciting city and there is so much happening here.
2) Having played all over the world, what is your feeling of the Shanghai crowd compared to the UK or Spain for example?
I was really suprised at how lively and energetic the crowds are here,and although they are not as up to date with the music scene as in the uk or spain,they party just as hard.
3) "De La Crem"? referring to reaching the Top of The Top or to your extreme Sweeetness??
Ha ha ha,extreme sweetness, i like that one. But its the first one i'm afraid.and it used to be "crem dela crem" actually, meaning "best of the best"
4) What do you mix with? And what's always in your suitcase on your world tours?
I still mix with cd's,but i also use serato. i know it might sound a bit geeky,but i always carry lots of english medicine when i go abroad.i do a lot of travelling and always find it hard to get the right medicine if i pick up a stomach bug for example, or just feel run down after partying too hard.
5) What's your best gig experience so far?
Without a doubt it would have to be the first time i played at the full moon party in thailand,on new years eve 2003.the vibe on that beach is just indescribable, for me it is the best party in the world.

6) How are Carl Cox and Swedish House Mafia when you meet them behind the decks?
The are very friendly and cool guys, and always have time for a chat
7) Last important thing to know for the Shanghai Ladies, who have been dancing closer than usual to the Geisha Dj Booth this month, are you single?
 Have they now? Ha ha, i hadn't noticed. But yes i do have a girlfriend who's here with me. one of those ladies you spotted was probably my girlfriend, ha ha. 
Thanks for your time and see you behind the decks one last time this Saturday 24th!



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