Interview with DJ Martin Eyerer

by City Moments Tuesday 16 August 2011
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City Moments and Zeal are bringing DJ Martin Eyerer (Germany) to perform at ZEAL Club on the 19th of August.

We had the chance to have a little chat before he arrives and here is what came out....


Martin, you are playing in clubs all around the world. Is there a place which you prefer most?

The question for the ultimate event is often asked. I always say and this is the truth – there are so many good parties, small or big, which are amazing at the end that it would be unfair to name just one or even 5. Sure there a re highlights like the big love parade in 2000 or also playing one of the first mayday raves in Germany

City wise I must say it’s definitely China and some places In Southamerica I like going most.
Are there big differences between your performances in Germany and your international performances regarding music and party-feeling?
Yes sure there is a logical difference as in Germany we have a developed electronic music scene for more than 25 years. I some countries and also china it’s not that old. On the one hand people here are very familiar with the specific tracks and set, in those other countries of course there are people like that as well but not everyone – on the other hand people in china are more hungry for international dj’s coming there. Over here in Europe sometimes people are a bit “overloaded” already as there’s every week guest djs in many clubs even in the same city.
In Latin America the mentality of the people is different. They are more emotional and put more focus in having a great night than in other values. But this doesn’t  mean that parties in other countries are worse or something. No it’s just a different way sometimes.
Where do you get your inspiration for your music?
This can be anything. Like music I hear – and I am not only talking about dance music – places I visit, people I talk to, movies I see, countries I see…everything can give you an inspiration for doing a track
Your album “Word of Mouth” was released in 2008 by Great Stuff Records. When can we expect your next album?
I just this year released my album tiny little widgets on blu fin which did very well. Also a big remix package was released with the album ,ike mixes from Kaiserdisco, Tigerskin, Gel ABril, Thomas Schumacher, Sasse, Namito, Tom Clark, Nicole Moudaber and many more. Also a single feat Kosheen was on the album which was pretty success…
You have your own record label Kling Klong. What lead to the cooperation between you and Great Stuff Records?
The cooperation those days was logical: They are and were a successful record company and I worked close with them. So I asked them to take care of the marketing and business side of my label. This worked out pretty successful and well the last years until they decided to focus more on their own exclusive artists and business and we decided to split up. Since one year I work with Rainer Weichhold who also worked for GSr the last years.
Serato or Traktor/ Final Scratch?
Definitely Traktor. Much more functionality, more performance, more possibilities of advanced deejaying.
You have a wife and two kids, how can you manage being a successful DJ touring the world and a husband/father at the same time
Every successful guy has to handle this in a way. Because when you are successful means you work a lot. The secret is to schedule the time pretty well. When I am in my city I spend time with the family and e.g go back to my studio at night when they sleep. Also when I travel abroad I don’t stay just for sightseeing another 4 days more. These things make it work.
Can you tell us a something about your craziest story that happened during your career as a DJ?
Too many stories guys . This I will better tell you on a nice Vodka on the rocks :)
During you stay in China did you get to know some Chinese DJ’s?
I am pretty well friends with Yang Bing from Beijing, a great producer and DJ. And yes there’s always excellent local guys warming up my set or playing after me!
Will we hear some new music from you this time at ZEAL?
Yes sure I always have new stuff on me. From my both labels and also from myself but also from friends of mine who give me their latest music.
What or who had the biggest influence on your music?
This is again a question where you can’t just name three names and this is it. All my musical development from the eighties until now is and was influencing me. I listen to any kind of music and that’s what I did all my life.
You are the owner of two record labels, Kling Klong and Session Deluxe under which roof many new upcoming DJ’s are housing. Any secret tip on the rising star beneath them?
Hard question . Just signed a 4 track e.p. from German Daniel Pscheid who I think will be causing some more attention in the future. Generally signing young artists is pretty risky. They always sell less even if its great tracks. But there’s just too much music coming out so people just look for names. Though we do sign new and fresh talents and don’t stop to believe in them!
When you travel what do you carry in your suitcase? Maybe a bit too personal :)
For sure always 1 or 2 books – depending how long will my travel be. Also sometimes my traveler guitar, in the hotel rooms I have time to practice. Then I have my Ipad and never forget my camera!
What can we expect from you on the 19th at ZEAL?
A great party with a top motivated Martin Eyerer! I will spin some unreleased music from my labels and myself! So make sure you come out there! 
Thanks a lot for the interview Martin and we are looking forward to a great event with you at ZEAL this Friday!

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