Help! I'm a party photo addict

by Jeremy Breningstall Friday 25 February 2011
Shanghai hot girls

In the current issue of Time Out, Patrick Maxwell has a tongue-in-cheek column about "party porn" (of which he calls City Moments the "Bible").

In "Help! I'm a party photo addict!" he writes, "The thing about Shanghai party photos, and part of their appeal, is the sheer unexclusivity of them. To appear in a party photo in London, you generally need one or all of the following: an appearance in a Hollywood film, you own gallery, a triple-barrelled-surname or an aristocratic title. I've never been within a three-mile radius of a London party photo, and you I've been papped four times in China. Despite not getting out much, and not being half as good-looking as Mr. Riviera, people are generally surprised at how low this number is. I know girls who are in party photos every month."

If you can't stop yourself, take a look at 'em.

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Bob Dylan in China ?

by Jeremy Breningstall Tuesday 22 February 2011

Rumor has it that Bob Dylan will be playing several venues in China, including Shanghai, this April. Of course the same rumor came around this time last year so we'll see if it comes true this time. The rumor would conform to Dylan's published tour dates, which include a concert in Singapore on April 15. If Dylan plays in China, it will have been long overdue... the Bobster has been a regular guest in Japan and all over the world. Btw, most of his catalog can be downloaded for free in China at His newer releases (Including the mono recordings) can be easily found on the streets, my wife just picked me up a mono highlight CD for 25 RMB.


Stay tuned for updates!

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City Moments in That's SH Magazin

by City Moments Thursday 10 February 2011

The guys from That's Shanghai wrote an article on us and here is what they had to say:

City Moments

The successful party website shows how to make play pay started like a sitcom: a group of students and 20-some-things forged a friendship over a shared address on Xinzha Lu and a love of Shanghai nightlife. Two of those friends, David Lazarowicz and Wei Phung, decided to parlay their passion into a website that would make work play and vice versa.

Today, City Moments dominates the expat party scene in Shanghai with aspirations of conquering Asia, recently opening an office in Beijing and planning to expand to at least two other cities by the end of next year. The Shanghai office runs out of a trendy space surrounded by design and music studios, a far cry from the company’s humble beginnings, but COO Teja Nosty insists that it’s still ruled by its founding spirit. “It’s still about friendship,” he says. “We’ve all become more serious, but we’re still friends.”

In the early days in 2009, City Moments made a name for itself by going out to clubs in a huge group with black T-shirts with the City Moments logo. “Everyone wanted one,” Partner and Shanghai GM Lee lam remembers. The T-shirt wore out quickly, but the impression stuck. “We were giving people a feeling of what City Moments was about and building this image of coolness. And we were marketing it as an atmosphere.”
People started logging onto City Moments for the pictures – the crew sent photographers to all the big nightlife events and uploaded them the next morning. Partygoers logged on to see what happened last night and stayed for the listings.

In June 2009, the group released a new website – City Moments 2.0. The improved version aimed to integrate social networking, with strong ties to Facebook. But three weeks later Facebook was blocked on the Chinese mainland, rendering many features of City Moments 2.0 unusable. This was a huge setback for the team, who’d spent months working on 2.0. In the aftermath, Teja and Lee stepped forward to play a bigger role in day-to-day operations. The needed to develop and launch the next version as soon as possible, which meant changing the way they worked.

“The first thing we said as, ‘OK, we must go into the office every morning,’” Teja recalls. In the beginning, the group had been doing most of its work from home, but Teja insisted they invest in office space and start showing up early. This meant cutting back on the partying and getting serious about work. Teja, David and Lee buckled down and launched City Moments 3.0 in July. 3.0, the version in use today, still features photos and extensive event listings, but it also has its own built-in social networking tool, which allows users to create profiles and ‘friend’ other members. As the website becomes more and more sophisticated, so do its owners, After 3.0 launched, Teja remembers being congratulated by a business associate.

“He said, ‘I remember I met you one weekend and you were all wearing those T-shirts,’” Teja says. “’One year later, you’re very professional .’”

Writing by Audrey Murray, Picture by Nicky Almasy

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Life Journey

by Jeremy Breningstall Wednesday 02 February 2011

Life Journey, a rock band on the Modern Sky label, came to Liuzhou, Guangxi for a hometown show January 29. With several band members’ parents in attendance, the show sounded a bit more poppish than usual. The band wore all red, their theme color for the moment. Avid fans waited outside the Happy Time bar to get into the 3 p.m. show (Happy Hour? In any case, efforts by this journalist to order a cocktail were unsuccessful). Word is the band is hard at work on a new album. Life Journey's music can be sampled here:  lifejourney

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