“If ya don’t know, now you know”

by crystal pfeifer Friday 23 July 2010

I shouldn’t really have to say much more, however if you are not savvy to this hip movement, here’s the deal. Tom gives a new pair of shoes to a kid that needs them every time someone purchases a pair. We can all get behind a movement in humanity like that, right? Not to mention, these are quiet possibly the most comfortable shoes ever made, I think I will be wearing my ash grey pair until they fall off my feet. For a woman with hundreds of shoes, that’s a pretty incredible statement.

Guys can rock them with just about anything, and the cutest girls I’ve seen in TOMS are wearing shorts or rompers (the hot pant kind of rompers!)

For putting this look together in Shanghai… I’d suggest ordering your TOMS online & then getting your H&M on in town.

One for One.

I wonder what kid is getting to enjoy a pair of TOMS as much as I am.



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by crystal pfeifer Wednesday 21 July 2010

Summer is finally showing her colors in Shanghai cityscapes and the windows of your local wears are starting to brighten up as well.

This Spring, make it your earth friendly goal to recycle all the old plastics in your house ~ you know that drawer filling up with bags you had to buy because you forgot to carry your stylish shopper to the market. Toss them out to the recycling carts and for the love of fashion, don’t forget to leave your Crocs at the corner too.

This season focus first on your footwear. The more people there are in a city the more time you will spend looking down at their kicks. Make yours shine and you might even be able to rock them at M1nt this summer.

There are a few great places in Shanghai to satisfy sneaker fiends, my favorite place to look is a street culture staple on Xinle lu, Source. You can find everything trending there from minimalism to rock solid bling and limited edition artist collaborations. Peek around a little longer and you might find something else that catches your eye to complete the look… and hopefully you’ll be dropping jaws in the metro too.

Street style has a wonderful way of being easy to assemble. Now that you have your kicks in order ~ find a great pair of jeans. Shredded, faded, tumbled, washed, worn, ripped, skinny, and just waiting for you to rock them all summer long. For girls I’d even go as far as to suggest getting yourself extra fit that you can rock the ever present shanghai staple also know as ~ the denim hot pant. Was there ever a greater design idea? Its arguable… just make sure you sport a well worn wash this season, pair it with the highest heels money can buy you on Shaanxi nan lu and you’ll be ripe for the picking this summer.

Last but not least…. Tee’s, Tee’s, and more Tee’s ~ the attack of the T-shirt is coming this Spring like you’ve never seen it before. Graphics are everywhere, in Shanghai, you’ve Uniqlo, American Apparel and H&M cranking out new styles every two weeks, so there’s plenty of room for updating your look. Girls can even get on the retro trend and try out loose shapes or even create your own custom look by cutting off the sleeves, or cutting out the neckband to make a boat neck or an off the shoulder tee….

Last but not least… grab some gold accessories. They are sexy, and so hot on trend you might be caught digging through your granny’s jewelry box to find forgotten treasures.

Peace & Love,

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City Moments 3.0

by City Moments Saturday 03 July 2010

Good Morning Shanghai,

Welcome to Your new City Moments 3.0!

Some of you might already know us since we took our first steps with This guy chasing every party ready to shoot everyone who could not hide. Since then we underwent several phases such as the implementation of Facebook Connect which gave us a kick-start just to take us 3 steps back as Facebook was blocked in China! Bad luck…..
Since then we saved every single Yuan to build what you see right now, City Moments 3.0

What is new?

First of all we dressed up a bit matching the long night of Shanghai. For those who don’t like dark colors don’t cry as we will introduce a white version sooner or later as well.
Photo Booster, a little toy to play around and rate pictures with Cute, Cool or Sexy tags….later you can see the top rated pictures in an overview.
Radio….yes we have one!! We partnered up with Udance to make your time on our site not only pleasant for your eyes but for your ears as well.
City Feed, the stream where you see what is happening throughout your city!
You might see this Like it! button spreading throughout the site and wonder what you can do with it!? Click on it to add an event to your calendar, add a picture or hangout to your favorites and show others some love with it.
What else is new? Ah yes we finally have community features implemented! You can now upload pictures, create a profile and write all these sexy girls n guys out there, tag people and comment on their pictures. Start right here.
Invite your friends to join you and share some special moments together.

All this is just the beginning and there is more to come….so keep on coming back to check on our famous event pictures, have a look at our event listing where you can check out what’s on tonight and vote for the next ICON (coming in 1 day).
For sure we want to know your opinion about everything and therefore we are happy about every comment may it be good or bad!
Positive criticism is the key to success.

Your City Moments Team

P.S. Important notice for all those who already connected through Facebook with our previous version. Either you connect again or you can Sign up by using the same name as your Facebook name to get back your old City Moments account.

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