The Dog Day’s of Winter

by crystal pfeifer Friday 26 November 2010

Its getting cold, need I say much more?

I’ll elaborate for you if you are new to Shanghai… those of us that have survived a few winters here are starting to feel the familiar ache of the humid bone penetrating cold air of Shanghai in Winters, and we are starting to fear frost bite… its coming, and this blog is here to help you prepare ~ I’ll sum it up with 4 words:

Get a down jacket.

“Why” you ask?

“Well” I say: 

They are warm, fluffy, and totally on trend this season.

This puffy shiny trend right fashion statement will keep you from freezing your ass off while you’re standing in front of a Lawsons at 3 am waiting for your friends ~ and shivering partners in crime will be so jealous… especially if you have a fluffy fur lined hood.

My favorite down designs this season are coming from Moncler, but look around ~ you can find them everywhere and anywhere, and of all shapes, sizes, colors, and price points.



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Rain Can't Stop The Pet Conspiracy

by MusicDish China Tuesday 23 November 2010

Rain Can't Stop The Pet Conspiracy @ Hangzhou West Lake Music Festival
Oct 23, 2010, early morning: We (Drummer Edo and Singer Mary) had missed our a.m. flight from Beijing to Hangzhou. Although we were all supposed to be taking the same flight to the Hangzhou music festival to work on the sound check, only Joe and Fiona made it to the airport and stood waiting for the other two guys with their hot coffee. Our producer and guitar-player Huzi was already in Hangzhou, fancifully dreaming in the beautiful city, when he received a call from Mary that quickly changed his mood from that of peace and tranquility to rage! He wanted to kill them – missing the flight was a serious matter. So serious in fact, that later, Huzi decided to let them take the soonest flight available, which happened to be first class.
When Edo and Mary arrived at the venue, it was raining cats and dogs and we saw many colorful umbrellas and raincoats as we were walking down to the electronic stage. Beautiful rain yes, but at the same time, it occurred to us that if rainwater was dripping from the rooftop onto the stage, the stage itself would be drenched and anyone on the stage would be in danger of electrocution! As the booker of this music festival, Huzi was responsible for dealing with the issues regarding safety – which he did without too much of a problem. Never, in all their performances throughout China and Europe, had The Pet Conspiracy encountered such an enormous amount of rain as they did on that day.
Although we'd already taken the stage at 7:00 pm and had already started to play, a guy named Zhang Zhen, who had only 5 minutes ago set up all our instruments on the electronic stage, suddenly changed his mind and invited us to go and play on the main stage instead. Obligingly, we took our equipment and ran over to where we found nearly 10,000 people waiting! And, the rain was actually beginning to stop. We figured the sound system was bound to be incredibly great, so without any sound check, we began to play.
As soon as we started, however, it was as if a bomb had exploded. The entire audience began to dance crazily. Perhaps there had been a nice quiet folk singer on the stage just before; perhaps The Pet Conspiracy was so completely different that we totally recharged the atmosphere and the crowd couldn't get enough. Watching the fans dancing in front of us as one huge chaotic wave, was messy but super nice! That was the third time we played Hangzhou West Lake music festival, being the only band ever to be invited back to play twice. If we are invited next year, we'll definitely be back! We love the fans there, walking around in the muddy ground and drinking hot coffee, enjoying the music, the park, the gorgeous hills and the beautiful surroundings of Hangzhou west lake. We think the Hangzhou West Lake Music festival is one of the most professional festivals in China.
In conclusion? We hope next time it will be raining even harder, that we'll get our audience even higher, and that Pet Conspiracy will be rocking heavier than ever!
[Editor's Apology: If you're wondering why the photos don't look like the Hangzhou music festival, stop scratching your head - they are not. They were actually taken at the Zippo party in Beijing by Ken Lee. We didn't have any pics from the festival and you caught me. Oh well, we do with what we have!]

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Crowning Style

by crystal pfeifer Tuesday 09 November 2010

The accessory you can’t live without this season is a great hat.

Lets start with the guys ~ because this little addition to your look takes you from average to eye catching with absolutely no effort. It even saves you time from fumbling with your hair.  Hats look great on everyone, a classic style for men is the fedora ~ right now you can find them in all kinds of fabrics and colors.  For a simple classic look, go for a black felt model, if you are more fearsome with your fashion, take a printed fabric ~ or even one of the more fashionable Tokyo shapes tipped up with a lower crown and short brim. There are also great driving caps, and modern shapes to be found for men these days.

For the ladies ~ you have oh so many choices. Felt caps, Fedoras, & Cocktail hats (also known as “fascinators”) are some of this seasons top choices. I love the Modern Vintage style of pillbox hats. They are smaller low profile styles that can pin into your hair to secure. They look so classy. You can also opt for really fun decorative pieces on clips or headbands for nights out on the town. For daytime traffic stopping headwear, I’d suggest a well-crafted fedora, clean classic lines with a unique trim.

For most of these looks you can find inexpensive ready-made hats around town in retailers like H&M or Zara. Check out local Xinle lu shops for mid-range prices & more unique styles. OR if you are ready to invest in a handcrafted piece designed specifically for you ~ call me. I studied Millinery from one of the worlds finest Milliners: PinkHammillinery I can make anything your little hat wearing heart desires right here in Shanghai. Stop by my studio to see some of my work, or send an inquiry to

Hats & Kisses

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