Bustin' Moves with Jay Sebag & DJ Sugarstarr

by Sasha Peakall Tuesday 06 December 2011
Jay sebag & sugarstarr

The Shanghai party scene is far more well known for its obsession with Lady Gaga and Justin Beiber then for its appreciation of house and techno music but slowly its changing one City Moments party at a time! 

This past Friday clearly after hearing the desperate cry's of expats in Shanghai yearning for some new music, City Moments brought a little piece of the European house scene to Shanghai! Two awesome European acts DJ Sugarstarr of Syke'n'Sugarstarr and vocalist Jay Seabag most well known for his collaborations with Martin Solvig got the party pumping at Zeal on the Bund.
What could be better? Two of some of the most well known names in house music in a prime location on the bund looking out over the stunning Shanghai Pudong skyline. Oh yeah and it was free which makes it better.  That is of course if you were an early bird and slipped in before 11pm which me being the cheap person I am was there at 10:55 on the dot to enjoy the view and chat with friends before the party kicked off.  And when it kicked off it really kicked off! The crowd at Zeal sure knew how to party. 
The crowd was young, stylish and drinking and dancing their butts off.  In fact I would say judging by the interpretive dancemoves that were being busted out on the dancefloor most of the crowd had enjoyed many of the very good Long Island Ice Tea's! 
People were getting wacky, shaking their butts, waving there arms in the air in some kind of jellyfish/octopus moves, there were gallopers taking up meter's of space with their horse inspired moves. And me, well I was trying to shed my Chinese influenced moves that I had picked up in a year of going to Chinese nightclubs!  The entire room including me was dancing intoxicated by the music!
And boy was the music good! When Jay Sebag hit the stage the crowd went wild.  With his sweet, sexy and soulful vocals set off by the funky techno beats of DJ Sugarstarr every one was feeling the soul and swinging their hips. 
And it wasn't just the crowd! Jay Sebag sure knows how to dance and perform! To top that all off he was flanked by two sexy girl dancer's doing moves that had the whole room thinking ooooh lala and everyone of the guys eyes glued to their swinging hips and thrusting chests! 
After a short 30 minute set Jay Seabag rested his vocals and all the attention turned to DJ Sugarstarr.  This guy sure knows how to DJ, mixing house and techno beats with soulful tunes and even what sounded like Cossack music. But where were the Cossak dancers? No one was quite game enough to tackle those kinds of moves!
By the time Jay Sebag came on stage again with his dancer's who had changed into even more dazzling, sparkly outfits the crowd was visibly more hyped up and enthusiastic. This night was only just beginning! And into the morning it went!...
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