by City Moments Monday 26 October 2015
Red ribbon gala e-invite

SHANGHAI – ShanghaiPRIDE, QEvents & Grand Kempinski Hotel Shanghai held a press conference this afternoon to officially launch the Red Ribbon Gala Dinner which benefits AIDSLIFE Center.

In conjunction with World AIDS Day on December 1st, the event aims to raise public awareness, tolerance, and acceptance as well as seek help for HIV/AIDS patients and their families. There will be a cocktail reception, four-course dinner, awesome performances, raffles draw, and auction. An autographed basketball by Liu Wei, a China national team player, and a music album by Coco Zhao, China's beloved jazz vocalist and song-writer are among the items to be auctioned. Individual tickets are priced at ¥900 each and a table of ten is at ¥8,000. Tickets are open for sale and organizers hope to attract 300 generous guests.

“People living with HIV/AIDS are normal people too, just like cardiac and diabetes patients. More work needs to be done to overcome controversies, stigma and discrimination towards the disease and patients”, said ShanghaiPRIDE organizer Raymond Phang.

AIDSLIFE Center Deputy Director, Shen Xiaofeng said that the funds raised from the event will be used to improve the life quality of severe AIDS patients during hospitalization such as helping them purchase basic daily necessities during hospitalization and urgent medication.

“As a great supporter of societal and charity events, we hope that the public will join us to show love and contribute to those in need”, said Cindy Zhang, Director of Marketing Communications of the Grand Kempinski Hotel Shanghai.

Over 20 local and foreign lifestyle, health, LGBT and general media attended the press conference. This is the first time for the organizers to hold the Red Ribbon Gala Dinner and they hope this can be an annual event to promote awareness and care. They would like to invite partners from corporate, media, and health communities to join together and make a greater impact on the cause.

To RSVP, please visit (individual tickets) or contact Ms. Lin Tao (QEvents) / Ms. Christina Jiang (Kempinski) for table bookings and sponsorships.

左起:陶霖、张小娟、彭智政、麦涵客、沈晓枫 \ From left: Lin Tao, Cindy Zhang, Raymond Phang, Henk Meyknecht, Xiaofeng Shen 

上海骄傲节负责人彭智政 \ Raymond Phang, key organizer of ShanghaiPRIDE    


红丝带徽章 \ Red ribbon badges


Red Ribbon Gala Dinner

Date: 2015/12/01  |  18:30 - 21:30

Grand Kempinski Hotel Shanghai







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An Interview with !!! (Chk Chk Chk) frontman Nic Offer

by City Moments Thursday 28 August 2014

Thursday Nights Still Got It:
An Interview with !!! (Chk Chk Chk) frontman Nic Offer

By Brian Offenther

If you're the right age and from the right place, it was all about Thursday night at the Atlantic. $5 US cover, free beer from 9:30 to 10:30 pm, and skinny kids in tight jeans.

Oh, the jeans were tight. Not for me – I had integrity. But believe me, I was watching very hard, and I could tell.

From around the year 2000 to 2005-ish, every big city and hip university town worth its cobblestone had a Thursday night at The Atlantic: it was indie rock dance party. The place was packed sticky hot with lithe bodies, and they writhed to the stinging guitars and screaming vocals of Modest Mouse, The Rapture, and the band that's playing Shanghai this Thursday: !!! (Chk Chk Chk).

That zeitgeist might have dimmed, but that stuff is only a convenience anyway. Nostalgia is stupid and mostly worthless, and the good stuff lives on regardless. !!! (Chk Chk Chk) continues to this today, hitting the festival circuit hard and releasing music of quality. Surely, many fans who come to their show will come because of their latest release, 2003's Thri!!!er.

For others, like me (note: I'm also DJing the show, but don't worry, the pay sucks), ten years on, it will be making sure my Thursday nights still got it.

I e-mailed frontman Nic Offer some questions, and this is what he had to say about Miles Davis, Frankie Goes to Hollywood, and the place with the best dancers.


1)I'm considering bringing my 60 year Chinese apartment-mate to your Shanghai show. She's never heard of you guys. How can I describe the music and concert experience of a !!! (Chk Chk Chk) show to her?
Just tell her i wear shorts. Ladies love the shorts.


2)How has the current make-up of !!! effected how you approach making new material? Does it change the approach for playing old material on stage?
Each new member that has come into the band has changed the sound a bit, I think that's one of the reasons we've managed to stay fresh for so long. I suppose it has changed the old material a bit, but we don't really play so many old songs, so i've never really noticed.

3)In 2001 when you put out the debut !!! album, did you have in your mind that dance music would take over pop culture as much as it does today?
In a way, yes, i did. Dance music was fresh to me, and rock n' roll felt old and tired. I couldn't understand why rock n' roll was even still around. In another way, no I didn't, because in 2001 I didn't look more than a month ahead of time. Now i'm older, and i try to plan at least 2 months ahead of time.

4) lists you guys as covering “Relax” by Frankie Goes to Hollywood in Melbourne, Australia on February 10, 2011. What happened?
We played Frankie's hometown of Liverpool on Halloween, and we thought it would be fun to dress up as Frankie, and play “Relax.” Incidentally, a couple of us took a Beatles tour the next day, and the tour guide was Holly Johnson from FGTH's brother. He sent Holly a Youtube clip of us playing it, and Holly wrote us to say "What's up." Holly's a top geezer.


5)What place that you guys have played has the best dancers? What in particular gives them that distinction?
Spain. Nobody goes as hard as Spain. They get crazy.


6)I think my favorite tweet from your Twitter account is: “i'm miles davis and i'm here to say, i like fruity pebbles in a silent way (sp).” Do you have any more Miles Davis album title puns/children's cereal references you can share with our readers?
Wow, you really had to go far back to find that one. I'm impressed... i've given it a bit of thought, and that is the only Miles pun i have. Welllll, i did think of some stupid ones, but I'll leave those be. Miles is a pretty easy name to make up stupid puns to. I will say that the opening to his album On The Corner is one of my favorite beginnings to any album ever.

7)Tex Axile, who was in a band that I bet you dig, X-Ray Spex, recently moved to Shanghai. Do you have a question for him that I'll ask, and then write his response in this article?
What the hell are "plastic popper beads (note: from the X-Ray Spex song “I Can't Do Anything”).

Tex says:
A teenage girly necklace thing that was all the rage.

8)You guys call this tour a “punk dog tour.” Can you explain to readers what you mean by that.
Oh, it's just a silly expression we started a long time ago, that none of us can remember why we started saying it. Honestly, if i could remember what it came from i would tell you. You seem like a cool guy.

9)Also, this:
Nice one. I think my cats are pretty punk. They're always trying to dumpster dive.


10)Please choose a punk dog, and explain why. Here are some options: “Pet Cemetery” by The Ramones, “I Wanna Be Your Dog” by The Stooges, “C30, C60, C90, Go” By Bow Wow Wow, “Dog Eat Dog” by Adam & The Ants, The Cramps “Can Your Pussy Do The Dog?.”
I choose the Sonic Youth version of "I Wanna Be Your Dog." that one gets me every time. So killer. I also like Camper Van Beethoven "The Day That Lassie Went To The Moon," and Dead Milkmen "Watching Scotty Die."


11)I read in an interview with you saying: “We play better if the audience is giving us something. I don't know what it is. It's kind of a two-way thing. It's somehow reciprocal.” Besides dancing like crazy, is there anything else an audience can do to make for a good show?
Wear their dancing shoes and take off their underwear.


12)I couldn't find the interesting story about working with (Seirra Leone musician) Daddy Rhymes written in any detail on the Internet. It's hinted at here. Can you tell our readers about finding him, and what it was like to record with him?
I had bought a bunch of MP3s on a SIM card from this guy in the market, and he was playing me the songs and telling me what they were about and who and what the artists were like. I asked him what studios were like there, and he said his friend ran one of the biggest studios in Sierra Leone, and he could take me there. We went the next day, and it was a very small studio, with headphones that barely worked. I just hung out for awhile while Daddy Rhymes worked on a track, and i just started singing ideas and he liked them, so we finished the song together.

12)What makes for a good dance song?
The beat, duh. Come on, what was that? Some sort of trick question?


13)I'm DJing the show. Any requests?
Just don't play any dance rock. Play “2 On” by Tinashe.


14)”Do you believe in love?”
I have my doubts sometimes, but yes.


15)Doing a Thursday night gig in Shanghai means competing against some lady's nights, where girls get free drinks. Do you have a message to those ladies debating whether to go to their usual stomping?
Ummmmm, we have a new song called “Stomp,” and i think we're gonna play it. True story. But other than that, we're not an ordinary boring rock band, they won't get another chance to see a band like this for awhile. and it's certainly going to be a drag if there's only guys at the show.


Check out they event tonight @Mao Live House, all information is available here.

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Ying Yang Music Festival

by City Moments Wednesday 20 August 2014
















What's up Shanghai! Have you already heard about the upcoming YinYang Music Festival?

I surely hope so, it's will go down at the Great Wall (yes, the one and only!) in Beijing on the 6th, 7th and 8th of September. It is exactly at the same time as the moon festival, hence you will all be on holidays: No Work! Party Time! Link to event

=> It's a great occasion for a trip, for more details read our earlier introduction of the YinYang Music Festival.



To get you in your creativity and party mood on, the YinYang Music Festival crew is organizing several Pre Parties right here in Shanghai! Be there or be square ;-) 

When & Where will they take place?

@ D9 on Saturday August 23rd 

=> An exclusive opportunity to meet 14 of the 30 artists performing at the festival, as well as the organisers. Each one of them will lay down a 30min set so you can seek a peek at what's coming up. No cover charge so be sure to be there.

@ The Mansion on Friday August 29th 

=> The Mansion team is behind the YinYang Music Festival, thus you can be sure you will be able to see the same great alternative vibe. Join and experience the real YinYang Music Festival spirit one week early. 9 Djs and 11 hours of non-stop, non-commercial (obviously) electro music.

Cover 100Rmb including 5 drinks

@ Arkham on Thursday September 4th (event link) 

On September 4th, 1 day before the buses set off to Beijing, YinYang Music Festival is bringing 2 of the main acts to our favourite Underground Venue. Dr. Elektroluv & Kamara, from Belgium and the Netherlands respectively, will transform this rather spare location into an amazing visual & musical experience. Get ready to get your eyes and ears melted!

Tickets: 50Rmb presale, 80Rmb at the door



Last but not least, at the stroke of midnight, 5 lucky winners will walk away with free tickets to the festival.


 Yinyang Music Festival philosophy: 

- Affordable prices so everyone who loves music can join.

- Specific Music Selection: there will be NO showcase of commercial EDM

- Special location, which offers beautiful nature, ancient Great Wall, comfortable sleeping facilitates. This will be a festival that clearly feels as a Chinese Festival in China.

- A bridge between the west and the east: The festival is build on the first cooperation between underground music venues through China, and hosts special acts from Europe as well as the best Chinese and foreign artists China has to offer.

- Showcase of creative minds: the will be free market for creative people to show their masterpieces ands creative light and fire performances.

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STORM Music Festival - Shanghai

by City Moments Friday 15 November 2013

A Storm of electronic music is about to hit Shanghai with full force! 

A2Live is organizing the biggest EDM festival Shanghai has yet seen on the 16th and 22nd of November.

STORM Music Festival has a line-up that can compete with big festivals abroad including the Swedish pop duo Icona Pop, Axwell from Swedish House Mafia, Benni Benassi, Fedde le Grand, Headhunterz and many more… 


Make sure to join this one as it will be big!! 

Tickets are also available from





Saturday 16 November

Messier Stage

3.15pm Bottled in England

4.15pm Tenashar

5.15pm The Zombie Kids

6.15pm Cazzette

7.30pm Far East Movement

8.45pm Icona Pop (watch below)

9.30pm Benny Benassi


Markarian Stage

2.45pm Teddy Boy Kill

3.45pm Paris Hilton guest appearance

4pm Sekuoia

5pm Claptone

6pm Dillinja

7pm Afrika Bambaataa

8.30pm Etienne De Crecy


Friday 22 November

Messier Stage

2pm Smith Agent Smith

3.15pm DJ Fresh

4.30pm Headhunterz

5.45pm OM

6.05pm Zedd

7.20pm Fedde Le Grand

8.35pm No ID

9.30pm Axwell


Markarian Stage

2pm R3

3.30pm Kite

4.30pm Compuphonic

5.45pm Spectrasoul

7pm Don Diablo

8.45pm Jay Sean (watch below)


Festival Details

Admission 380RMB/day (until November 1); 580RMB/day (presale); 680RMB/day (on the door); 980RMB/two-day pass (from November 1)

Phone 400 882 1190

Date 16 Nov , 22 Nov

Time 1pm-11pm




Venue Details

Metro Longhua Zhong Lu

English address Xuhui Riverside Public Open Space, Dongan Lu, near Longteng Avenue, Xuhui district

Chinese address 汇区东安路龙腾大道

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Interview with CASSIUS

by City Moments Wednesday 25 September 2013

We love the whole Ed Banger crew, the last ones we brought were Feadz & Kito last year, how do you feel the french electro scene is going/evolving?



This is your first time coming to China - are you excited to come play in Shanghai? What do you expect from your trip?



If you had to choose: Sting or Eric Clapton?



From MC Solaar's albums to Cassius 99 to "I Love U So" you have explored into many music genres.. What are you into these days, and what do you like to play most during your sets?



What's the most stupid question a journalist ever asked you?



You've said before that "usually if we do 10 gigs, there are two which are really great, seven which are ok and one very bad."We're hoping that you get the 8 ok and bad ones before arriving in China and that we rock Shanghai with you!



THANKS and we are looking forward seeing you Saturday at Arkham!




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7 Questions - 1 De La Crem

by City Moments Friday 23 March 2012

A UK and International DJ for the past 14 years,Dela Crem is known for his extremelylively and energetic DJ style and for being a big crowd pleaser, thus earning a title of Best DJ in the Balearics.


Havin played for crowds ranging from 200 to 3000 and alongside DJacts like Carl Cox and Judge Jules, to Dave Pearce and Swedish House Mafia, has given him a unique ability and confidence to perform at any level.Dela Crem’s mixing has taken him from his native UK through Spain andThailand all the way to China, wherehe will be a special guest DJ throughout March 2012 at The Geisha and The Apartment.
7 Questions - 1 De La Crem
1) De La Crem, if you allow us to call u like that, you've been here for 3 weeks now, how is your Shanghai experience so far?
Of course you can call me that.yeah i have loved every minute of it here so far, shanghai is such an exciting city and there is so much happening here.
2) Having played all over the world, what is your feeling of the Shanghai crowd compared to the UK or Spain for example?
I was really suprised at how lively and energetic the crowds are here,and although they are not as up to date with the music scene as in the uk or spain,they party just as hard.
3) "De La Crem"? referring to reaching the Top of The Top or to your extreme Sweeetness??
Ha ha ha,extreme sweetness, i like that one. But its the first one i'm afraid.and it used to be "crem dela crem" actually, meaning "best of the best"
4) What do you mix with? And what's always in your suitcase on your world tours?
I still mix with cd's,but i also use serato. i know it might sound a bit geeky,but i always carry lots of english medicine when i go abroad.i do a lot of travelling and always find it hard to get the right medicine if i pick up a stomach bug for example, or just feel run down after partying too hard.
5) What's your best gig experience so far?
Without a doubt it would have to be the first time i played at the full moon party in thailand,on new years eve 2003.the vibe on that beach is just indescribable, for me it is the best party in the world.

6) How are Carl Cox and Swedish House Mafia when you meet them behind the decks?
The are very friendly and cool guys, and always have time for a chat
7) Last important thing to know for the Shanghai Ladies, who have been dancing closer than usual to the Geisha Dj Booth this month, are you single?
 Have they now? Ha ha, i hadn't noticed. But yes i do have a girlfriend who's here with me. one of those ladies you spotted was probably my girlfriend, ha ha. 
Thanks for your time and see you behind the decks one last time this Saturday 24th!



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Interview with Mumbai Science

by City Moments Tuesday 20 December 2011
Mumbai science 1

Experimental, young and very fresh in the music industry, the Belgian duo, "Mumbai Science" (Maarten Elen & Jonas Kiesekoms), opened a whole new window  to the scene. Mumbai Science is not your typical DJ/Producer, but their funky beat, a mash of indie & electro genre will put you into a trance and coming back for more!!

You might be wondering about the talents behind such amazing music concoctions, look no further, CM had the pleasure of a squeezing a little information out of the fantastic duo and we are gonna share it with you! 
CM: You’re experimental psychologists.  What does that mean?  Do your day jobs impact or inspire your music?
J: Basically we examine why, how and when people buy certain products. For instance, why Maarten has such a hard time picking a toothpaste out of an assortment of 30 different toothpastes.
M: hah, yeah call me when you have a solution to that. I think we sometimes do try to take the same approach with our DJ sets, trying to analyse why some tracks work better than others. But with these things it’s always best to follow your gut instead of overthinking it. Just going with the flow provides us with the best results.
CM: Break it down for us: why is driving electro-techno so fun to dance to?
M: It appeals to the body! Our sets have a straightforward techno groove, a neverending 4/4 beat that gets the crowd in a natural high.
J: Without ever going to deep. We keep it interesting by using electro melodies to get people excited!
CM: What’s your chemistry like in the studio?
M: We've been friends for years so we almost know what the other one is thinking.
J: Yeah I know perfectly when it's time to get Maarten a new cup of coffee. It helps him to make better tracks.
CM: You’ve said before that you don’t plan your sets . . . do you fight over tracks to play?   What would we hear you two saying if we were next to you in the DJ booth?
M: We rarely have heavy discussions. I think we’re lucky that we’re almost always on the same page. Not only during our sets, but also in the studio and even beyond.
J:  If you’d come eavesdropping, you’d probably hear us chanting along with the tracks or yelling at random people to refill our drinks (laughs).
CM: What’s one track you can’t get enough of playing?
J: Right now, I totally adore TWR72’s stuff. It’s so techno-ish but still sexy. For instance, their ‘ Jhon Lord Fonda - what’s going on’ remix. You can play that track anywhere, at any time and people will be dancing and grooving.
CM: You guys dance.  Any dancefloor moments that stick out in your head, or inspired you a lot?  Favorite dance moves?
M: I remember an ed banger night in my hometown, Louvain. That was five years ago or so. I’ve never experienced a vibe like that. Needless to say that it inspired me a lot. I try different dance moves but my favorite is still the crotch grab inspired by Michael Jackson.
J: The first time I saw Boys Noize at pukkelpop. Also five years ago I think. How I danced! My legs still hurt a little when I think of that day.
CM: What is “HURB”?
M: Hah, Hurb is a word we invented while we were on the road together with Jochen and Vincent from sound of stereo. It stands for the things in life that are too awesome for words. Except for one word: Hurb.
J: Act with caution when expressing the H-word though. It must only be used by those worthy of the Hurb.
CM: How come you changed your name from Project Cyborg to Mumbai Science, and what is the meaning of Mumbai Science?
J: It was time for a new chapter in our lives. Our music changed, we just signed with lektroluv rec and, in a way, we wanted to start over again.
M: The ‘science’ part comes from our profession at that time. The ‘Mumbai’ part expresses our interest in mysterious cultures we hear so much talking about, but know so little about. Actually, at one point we thought about the name ‘Shanghai Science’, but it has to much ‘s’-sounds in it (laughs).
CM: What do you sing in the shower?
M: Frank Sinatra - my way.
J: Barry White - let the music play.
CM: Have you ever performed in Asia before?  If so, do you think the Asian crowd reacts differently to your music?
J: We have never been to Asia before!
M: But we've heard some amazing stories! We are really looking forward
CM: Which one of your remixes you spent the most time on? Have artists ever given you surprising feedback?
M: I think we spent the most time on the Mixhell - Antigalactic remix. We wanted it to be a peaktime track, which is for us the most difficult to make. We’re also real perfectionists, so it takes us a long time to finish anything anyway.
J: The weirdest feedback I ever got was from Tiga on our ‘burning down’ edit. We played together in Miami and I asked him what he thought about the edit. He told me he totally hated it, then he paused for a second, after which he continued and admitted he’d hated it at first, but now loved it and played it a lot in his sets. Till date I’m not sure he meant that or just tried to mess with my emotions.
CM: Are you single? (question from our female fans..)
M: Sorry ladies, I’m off the market. We can still be friends though.
J: No comment!
CM: What’s always in your suitcase on tour?
M: Vitamin supplements. Especially useful to survive the fastfood on US tours.
J:  Earplugs,hair gel, and my diary.
CM: What’s your favorite ice cream flavor?
J: Definitely Straciatella, which is basically just vanilla with some pieces of chocolate in it!
M: Aw man, whenever I have to choose between ice cream flavors, I totally collapse. I’m the guy that takes half an hour to decide which one to pick. Right now I would say... mm... Vanilla .. or no wait.. Coffee ... or cookie-dough!! Do they serve ferrero rocher ice cream? ...
J: ow god.
"Gold", "Ancova" & "Woof" are a few of their many insane tracks, so be sure to check them out at our NYE MASSIVE!!!

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Interview with DROP THE LIME! (MESH Opening)

by City Moments Tuesday 06 December 2011

 Hey City Dwellers!

Known for his insane meshes of genres into songs, 'Drop The Lime', (AKA Luca Venezia) a renowned Electronic Producer/DJ from the NYC, is coming to Shanghai this Saturday @The Wharf, and we had the privilege of having a few minutes of his crazy packed schedule: 
CM:  Growing up in New York, where the music scene is always so progressive & competitve, did you struggle as a musician at the beginning?
DTL: Not at all. If anything the competition is inspiring and keeps you motivated. Keeps you working harder.
CM: I’m sure you get this a lot, but… how did the name “Drop the Lime” come about?
DTL: It actually started out as an ode to my grandfather who was from Sicily – he had this lime green motorcycle that he used to cruise around on, and he used to say exactly that – “I’m dropping the lime!” I used to visit him in Sicily as a kid and cruise around with him on the back of his motorcycle, so that’s where the name came from.
CM: Your music is well known for its mesh of many genres, (Bluesy, Electro, etc.) If you had one word to describe your music for people that don’t know you yet, what would it be?
DTL: If a song has attitude and sexiness,  I'll play it. it doesnt matter what genre it is.. As long as its got that edge.
CM: Do you have a rough idea of what the Shanghai party scene is like? What are your expectations for the crowd in Shanghai?
DTL: I had an absolute blast last time I played, so I'm looking forward to the return. I'm happy to be a part of a new event explosion for MESH!
CM: Of all the tracks you produced, do you have a favourite track? Why?
DTL: My favorite is always the newest and most recent I make, because its capturing my present mood and state of mind... So 'Shake Baby Shake', my new club single, which just dropped on ultra would be my current fav.
CM: What are your future goals for 2012 in terms of your music?
DTL: My debut album will be dropping, Enter The Night, and there will be lots more DJ tours and exclusive full live band tours.. Very excited for the new year to come.. Been ready to drop this album to the public for a while now. And its finally reached its place and is ready to be shared.
CM: As an artist that has “made it”, do you have any word of advice for aspiring musicians out there? 
DTL: Always stick to your guns. Do what you believe in and dont steer clear. If you try and do whats currently popular youll be a flash in the pan... Music is meant to be timeless.. Embrace your creative natural potential.
Drop The Lime is also a successful founder of the dance label, 'Trouble & Bass'. The man just doesn't stop! So watch out for this crazy talented DJ coming to The Wharf this Saturday, it's a performance not to be missed!
More info here


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Interview with Jay Sebag "Voice of Martin Solveig" & DJ Sugarstarr

by City Moments Thursday 17 November 2011
Jay sebag 101

Formally known as Jerome (Jay) Sebag, the multi-talented French singer, songwriter, arranger and piano player from Paris started off his music career at a young age, venturing into USA to seek new inspirations for his music. Jay has worked with many famous producers and artists such as DJ Yass, and percussionist & producer Arno Lucas, who has worked with artists such as Stevie Wonder & Gladys Knight. 

Jay Sebag has also been nicknamed "The Voice of Martin Solveig". Together, they have produced one of the most rockin' and upbeat tunes that shot to fame almost instantly. "C'est La Vie", "Something Better" & "Rejection", amongst many other tracks. 

When being interviewed, Jay Sebag displayed such passion & joy for his work:


CM: You have worked with many different DJs and artists. Is there any particular DJ/artist you look up to and would like to work with?

Jay: My schedule is so hot that i'm happy with it right now!! but i do like the work of Fedde Le Grand for his Phat sound and his funkyness. Bob Sinclar for his crazy ideas too!


CM: I’m sure I’m not the first person to tell you that you have a very unique singing voice. When and how did you realize you could sing like that?

Jay: Thanks a lot still! I started when i was 19 but it's a long process to find your own style and to develop your skills...i'd say 10 years!


CM: You’ve been known famously as “The Voice of Martin Solveig”, but now you have ventured out into collaborations with other DJs, do you still stay in close contact with Martin? What was it like working together?

Jay: We're still friends of course but we're both busy so it's been a while we haven't hung. All the sessions, tv shows, touring, clubbing, were a lot of fun. He's a very serious and organized dj-producer-businessman , but when it's time to play, perform, it can turn to the craziest kindergarten with this guy!!!


CM: Most artists have known that they wanted to be in the music industry at a very young age. Have you always wanted to be a singer? If so, who inspired you to purchase this field and genre of music? If not, what were your other aspirations?

Jay: Well i was a bit more late than that...I wanted to be a veterinary!!! Even when i started my first gigs at the age of 19, i was still a student so i was seeing it as a job on the side...but at that point it shortly became clear that i was meant for music. That's when i got deeper in soul music, with the master of all time Stevie Wonder.


CM: After performing in so many places, do you still remember the craziest fan experience you ever had?

Jay: Hard to tell: crazy girls trying to touch my feet while on stage, others willing to take me home....nothing to brag about!


CM: Your latest hit with Syke n Sugarstarr, ‘Like That Sound’, was an amazing track that rose very quickly on the UK charts. How did you guys get together, since you are in different countries? Was it difficult working together due to the distance?

Jay: The clubbing scene is n international business , that's the magic. First, we heard from each other thru a common belgian agent, then we played together in Moscow...we liked each other's sound, obviously, so i flew to Hambourg, only 1:30 from Paris... simple, easy! It's possible to work from Paris to Japan or to Australia (i've done it, i can testify), but the vibes, the exchange of energy and therefore the result at the end is so much better, more better when we get together in person and share a magic moment of music.


CM: Have you ever had the fear of a lukewarm spirited crowd or a bad turnout? What do you do in such situation?

Jay: Indeed i do fear this...and it did happen more than once!! Most of the time, we're having a great time with the audience though. I learnt to accept that when the audience is cold, it has nothing to do with me: i'm doing my job which is to give 100% energy, spread out Love, feeling happy so i can make them feel happy; if they don't want to take it, because they're stuck up, because it's an upscale club, because of the local culture-whatever-, it's not my problem.......but you still can't help but hurt a little!!!!!!


CM: After performing in so many different cities, which city do you think has left you with the best impression of its party crowd & ambience?

Jay: Sydney, Australia was really cool, but as far as the dedication of my audience, i'd place eastern Europe first (Russia, Poland, Lithuania, Ukraine)...not all the time, but some were memorable because they're really into singers over there. I can't wait to play in China: new experience with a new public which i heard is amazing!


CM: After working with so many different artists, I am sure you must have encountered situations where both parties don’t agree. How do you usually deal with such occurrences?

Jay: Always! But it's only on details matters: structure, chords...we're still managed to think thru, give our arguments, and decide who's closer to the truth; in the bottom, if we're here together, it means that we have a vision in common so we work it out.


CM: Thanks for taking your time out for this interview, Jay. Do you have any word of advice for your fans out there?

Jay: Listen to all kinds of music, don't get specialized in one thing, that's the first step of narrow-mindedness. Work hard on your shit, it's not gonna happen in 2 weeks. Believe in your originality, don't let yourself tempted by copying an artist you love or a stream: it's already out there we don't need one more!


With Jay's talent & rising fame in the music industry, it was only a matter of time that the fantastic duo DJ Syke n Sugarstarr and Jay Sebag decided to work together. Hitting it off, the partners created new songs such as  "Like That Sound", which rose very quickly in the UK charts. 
DJs Syke n Sugarstarr are a unique DJ duo from Germany, and you can be guaranteed that they only bring the most freshest tunes to the dancefloor. They have produced so many successful hits over the years such as "No Love Lost" and "Ticket 2 Ride" which were included in their recent album "Best of" album from 2010. Having such great hits, the duo have performed in over 30 countries all over the world, doing 90 over performances in the previous year alone. The DJs also have a radio show, "Do The Hip!", that has been going on for the past few years, being aired globally in over 65FMs. 
However, despite their busy schedules, Sugarstarr managed to squeeze in a little time for us...
CM: After so many collaborations with other artists, are you looking to work with any particular artists in the near future?
Sugarstarr: There are definitely some names in the music-biz we’d love to work with. But instead of collaborating with other DJ-artists we are more into working together with vocalists and musicians such as Lenny Kravitz or this kind of caliber. ;-)  After there’s no more R&B artist left we could imagine to work with we have to look out for something big in other genres. ;-)  But to be honest we surely have something in the pipeline for the next months. We’ll do more tracks with Jay Sebag, CeCe Rogers, Rasmus Faber as well as with Catraz, a british Hip-Hop artist who’s massively hyped by BBC at the moment.  
CM: ‘Sugarstarr’ is a very interesting name for DJ, what inspired such a name? 
Sugarstarr: When I was DJing in the local area of Hamburg in the mid 90s somebody was calling me Sugardaddy….but as I was not feeling that old,  I  slightly modified the name… ;-)  
CM: You have performed in many cities before, have you performed in Shanghai before? What have you heard about Shanghai so far that you would be most keen on checking out while you are here? 
Sugarstarr: It’s my very first time in China…I was just performing in Hongkong some time ago. I heard Shanghai is a massive city with a huge international crowd and ready for having the best party ever. But I also wanna enjoy the city in general and will def do some sightseeing and stuff. Can’t wait to see the colourful life Shanghai has to offer. 
CM: It is always ‘Syke n Sugarstarr’, but what are you guys like individually? Who’s the more serious one of the two? 
Sugarstarr: It’s still Syke’n’Sugarstarr. But as my partner Syke is more the guy in the studio and I’m more the DJ-part of the duo it’s me touring most of the time. And - as you can imagine - the DJ is always the one who’s a bit less serious. But – I’m also able to read a book or eat with knife and fork….lol

CM: After performing countless times, which performance has been the most memorable for you? (Crowd spirit and ambience) Do you remember having any crazy encounters with fanatics? 
Sugarstarr: I always love to get back into one story that happened a couple of years ago. We have been performing in Zagreb, the capitol city of Croatia. An hour before the gig the promoter was telling us that we’ll be flying in by a helicopter directly infront of the club which happened so… What we didn’t know – that the police stopped the whole traffic in the surrounding streets. 50 press-people with cameras were waiting for us and 20 security guards  escorted us to the DJ-booth…I was just thinking: “Hey we are not the Stones…”…crazy Croatians… ;-)
CM: Having started at such a young age, have you ever gotten tired of the music industry and felt like you wanted to try something else instead? 
Sugarstarr: Never. When I started DJing back in 1988 it was like a big dream come true and it lasts until now. Due to the musical change that happened during all the years it never gets boring. And when I don’t like the current sound I have always the chance to step back in time and listen to some real classics. 
CM: You also have a radio show, “Do The Hip!” right? Is it stressful having to need to create new music all the time and concurrently come up with new materials for your weekly radio show? 
Sugarstarr: Sometimes it’s hard to select some fresh and qualitative stuff every week to keep up the quality of the show, but in the end I found a way to combine the hottest new bits with some recent tunes. And the reactions are brillant . 
CM: What is it like working with Jay Sebag? He has a very unique singing voice; did that affect the way you created your music? 

Sugarstarr: Yeah. Due to the fact that Jay is not a typical Housemusic-Vocalist he brings us back to funky and jazzy music which is a very positive thing. When hanging out with him in the studio it’s always creating some “real” music. As he’s also an excellent piano-player combined with our skills of programming the music it’s a very fruitful  creative process that’s going on. 
CM: What are your plans for your music for next year? Do you think you will venture towards another direction in this industry anytime soon? 
Sugarstarr: We def wanna touch other styles as well while coming out under various new monikers. A kind of channelizing that we’re planning. But - our main project Syke’n’Sugarstarr will still tend to the more commercial Bigroom-Sound as it is known for many years now. 
CM: Thank you for taking time off your busy schedule for this interview. Just one last quick question, will there be any new and upcoming fresh tracks at Zeal this time round for our Shanghai crowd?
Sugarstarr: Not just only one. I have a bunch of brandnew tunes that I’ll play at the Zeal for the first time. So the Shanghai crowd can witness what Syke’n’Sugarstarr will release in 2012. ;-) Watch out !!!
Be sure to catch the fun filled and exciting performance at Zeal next Friday, 25th November!!

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Interview with DJ Angie Vu

by City Moments Thursday 10 November 2011

Born in Vietnam, Angie is from mix parentage. She used this to her advantage when she started modeling at 17. After having graced the runways of the world and conquering Vietnamese TV, she turned her attention to her next biggest passion, music. As one of the sexiest women in Asia, Angie is one of the 5 models who have been given the title of International Super Model. City Moments had the chance to catch her for a quick interview when she landed in Shanghai for her gig at Zeal this Thursday.
CM: Hey Angie it's nice to meet you and welcome to Shanghai!
You started your modeling career at the age of 17 and received the title of an International Super Model.
What made you start your second career as a DJ?
Angie: I love music and love having a good time, it seemed natural to me. I also like challenging myself and doing new things
CM: What is your usual music style when you perform in clubs?
Angie: I usually play electro and dirty Dutch house in clubs. It's fun and really gets the crowd going
CM: Do you produce yourself as well? 
Angie: I'll be getting into the studio soon and hope to make a few tracks. I'm just trying to find the right producers now...hopefully will have something out by the beginning of next year
CM: You became resident DJ at the New Asia Bar in Singapore and usually play there every Friday and Saturday. How do you spend your spare-time during the weekend?
Angie: I spend the weekends like everyone, having fun with friends, enjoying good food, and shopping. Every girl loves shopping. And music, theres always music playing.
CM: Is it your first time coming to Shanghai? What is your first impression of this city?
Angie: Yes its the first time here, im so excited to be here. First impression is COLD. I'm based in Singapore so I'm used to warmer weather. I'm really looking forward to check out the scene here, I heard it's all fun here
CM: What are your next big steps? Starting a career as …tell us?
Angie: No career change in the future, I love 'Dj'ing and want to stick with it. I'm learning new things every day and meet a lot of fun people. Why would u want to do anything else?
CM: Tell us something about your craziest experience as a DJ. As “Asia's Sexiest DJ” you must have some good stories to tell 
Angie: I don't want to shock you or the readers *wink* , but I dj'Ed in lingerie once, that was a bit crazy, but fun also!  Have a look online 
CM: Before you go I want to ask the questions all guys would like to know before coming out this Thursday to your show at Zeal….Are you single?
Angie: Hmmm... Unfortunately I am at the moment but maybe I'll meet someone here. Know anyone thats interested? 

CM: Thanks a lot for your time and see you Thursday at ZEAL on the dancefloor.
Angie: Thanks CM ! Hope to see you there too. XOXO Angie

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